Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mid-Week Musings

You know the best thing about having 600 channels? No, it's not re-runs of "Roseanne", although that's pretty sweet. It's the fact that, on pretty much every night, you can find "Top Gun". And yes, I just saw Goose give the bird for the 838th time. And no, it never gets old. With that said, let's get our butts above the hard deck and do some musing:

  • Remember how I compared the USA v. Brazil soccer match to a #15 seed hanging on against a #2 seed only to fall predictably and painfully short in the end? Well, Tom Watson at the British Open was exactly the same except 200 times worse. At least when the #15 seed or the USA soccer team blows it, only the guys on the team and their families really care. With Watson, pretty much the entire golf world, except Stewart Cink and Curtis Strange (now, officially more insufferable than Johnny Miller), was not only rooting for Watson, but was truly devastated when he hit the worst putt of his career on 18. I wish I could eloquently describe the emotions I felt watching Watson, and I wish I could pontificate on some greater meaning to be taken from Sunday. Unfortunately, I just can't. What could have been a truly special sports moment turned into one of the most sad, depressing, and gross sports moments I can remember. How's that for eloquent? On the bright side, since every third commercial Sunday was for Cialis, I'm pretty sure Watson is about to become the most uncomfortable spokesman since Bob Dole.

  • Do you think they considered recasting Goose before finally settling on having Anthony Edwards just keep his shirt on in the volleyball scene?

  • If I gave you a choice between reading one more story about Mike Vick or hugging Tony Siragusa after he just finished running wind sprints, which would you choose? Think about it. I know, it's tougher than you would think.

  • How about reading one more story about Brett Favre or playing in a foursome with Johnny Miller, Curtis Strange, and Chris Berman? Take your time....

  • How did I ever think Meg Ryan was attractive? I'm so ashamed of myself.

  • So, we are two episodes into the latest season of "Entourage". What do I think so far? Well, instead of attempting to artfully craft a meaningful synopsis of my impressions, I'm going to just copy and paste an email I fired off in a fit of rage after Hans expressed displeasure with episodes 1 and 2. Yes, it's rambling, obnoxious, terribly written, and I take a completely un-solicited shot at Stats, who wasn't even on the email (sorry, buddy - I love all your other Twitter posts), but it gets the point across:

Yes, it is frustrating to see E juggling chicks, but I couldn't be happier with the first two episodes. We are back to the roots. The boys living large, girls flocking, drinks flowing, etc... This is the recipe that made the show so fantastic in the beginning. Plus, the Ari/Lloyd stuff is off the charts funny. I keep hearing people complain about the first two episodes, especially Stats, and it infuriates me. This is what people have been begging for. I just think that people naturally believe that a show is supposed to "jump the shark" at some point, so they wait until they hear some grumbling and jump on the bandwagon. A buddy was complaining the other day that it's just not the same any more. I said, "give me one reason it's not the same." And, he couldn't. This isn't "House" or some other "smart" drama. This is 22 - 25 minutes a week of 4 dudes living the life we all wish we could live. And now, after two seasons of screwing with that life, the writers are back to the basics, and everybody is bagging on it. I'm so frustrated by this!!!! If you want drama, watch TNT...they know drama.

In other words, I'm pretty happy with what we have seen so far.

  • I've got to run. Mav just left his wing man to go after Viper. I've got a good feeling about this. I'm certain it's going to work out for him this time.