Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Night Musings

  • I'm not sure if I've made this point before, but I'm going to make it again. I am willing to overlook every ridiculous thing we see on "24" (endless cellphone batteries, twelve armed dudes swimming underneath and invading the White House, Janeane Garofalo portraying a decent American, everything Chloe does, etc...), but I simply cannot overlook the absurdity of one thing: After all we've been through, how can anybody EVER doubt Jack Bauer? My God, what does the man have to do? Can you imagine if, during the final timeout of Game 6 of the '98 Finals, Phil Jackson had looked at MJ and said, "I'm sorry, Mike. I know you've never not come through in the clutch, but I just don't believe you can take Byron Russell. I'm going to put the ball in Kukoc's hands!" This is the exact conversation we hear at least three times every episode this season. Well, it's not the exact conversation, but you get the point, right?

  • Bill Simmons wrote an amazing piece last week on the NBA's looming economic woes. In the same piece, he also pointed out the abysmal condition of NBA officiating. Well, I can't speak intelligently about the League's economic woes, but I can absolutely and unequivocally concur with his assessment of the officiating. The end of Sunday night's Hawks/Cavs game was an embarrassment. And now, I'm watching the end of the Nets/Bucks game (I know, it's a sign of a major problem when you are watching the Nets and Bucks), and the officiating in the final 10 seconds has been beyond questionable. I have no real point here other than to point out that NBA officials are very bad at their job. You're welcome.

  • If you happen to read this before midnight, text "vote" to 5710. We need to keep Kendall on "Idol". Sure, she's not a great singer, but I'm a fan. I'll just leave it at that. And yes, I watch "Idol" every week, and I am not ashamed. Do you hear me? I'm not ashamed! Okay, I'm a little ashamed, but it could be worse. It could be "The Bachelor".

  • Two pearls of wisdom from GP and CWebb tonight: 1) The Bobcats are making the playoffs; and 2) Brook Lopez is getting busy. And, for the record, CWebb is wearing Chuck Taylors with his suit tonight. Seriously, do I have to beg you to watch these guys?

  • Let's talk about the Hawks for a moment. Believe it or not, I truly believe last night's win over the Wizards was their biggest win of the season. Before you call me nuts, just hear me out. It was about 11 p.m. Sunday night when the refs stole the Cavs game from them. They raced to the airport only to sit on the runway for over 3 hours because the world's busiest airport apparently only has one de-icer. They flew an hour and half to Dulles (why they didn't fly to Reagan, I have no idea), only to hop on a bus for a nearly two hour ride on icy roads from Northern Virginia to downtown D.C (normally a 45 minute ride). In other words, they didn't get to their hotel until 7 a.m., turned around 12 hours later, shook off the funk from the robbery the night before, and grabbed a road win and pushed their lead over the Heat for the 4th seed to 2.5 games. Do you have any idea how easy it would have been to mail that game in? If nothing else, the fact that they didn't shows the Hawks have character and are approaching every game with a truly professional manner. And, with more home games left than any other team in the League (14), the chances of 47 wins and home court advantage in the first round are great. In case you haven't noticed, I'm excited about where this is going.

  • In complete contrast to my feelings about the Hawks, I am deeply saddened that Georgia Tech has disbanded its basketball program. What? That is a team of scholarship athletes? You've got to be kidding me!

  • Before I go, I have five questions for you. Seriously, any input you have would be greatly appreciated because I'm at a loss:

1) How in the world did the Pats only get the 34th pick in the draft for Matt Cassel?

2) Why in the world were the Broncos trying to trade Jay Cutler?

3) How did Richard Hamilton get the nickname "Rip". I'm embarrassed, but I've never known where this came from.

4) Is it too soon to start referring to Greg Oden as Sam Bowie II? I hope so, but I'm growing more concerned by the day.

5) What do we have to do to organize a heads up poker tournament between Dan Snyder and Hank Steinbrenner? Sure, it wouldn't last long since they would both go blind all-in on the first hand, but could you imagine the drama watching the dealer flip those cards?