Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random? Yes. Entertaining? Probably Not.

I know you are all too excited about the start of the World Baseball Classic to care about what I have to say, so I will be brief. Okay, so nobody actually cares about the WBC, and I've never been brief a day in my life. That being said, there really isn't any one thing going on these days that that warrants its own column, so brace yourself for some random thoughts to take you into the weekend:

  • I've watched some horrible things in my life, especially on the internet, but never in my life have I seen anything more horrifying than the Tatiana experience on tonight's "Idol". Listen, she is probably a very good person with a great family, but she's undoubtedly the most insufferable person we've seen on network reality television since Omarosa. And, for the record, the fact that the judges brought her back for a second chance seriously calls the show's integrity into question. What? The show's integrity has been in question since the beginning? I'm shocked.

  • We learned on tonight's "Idol" that the new judge, Kara Dioguardi, went to Duke. Say what you will about her, but can't we all agree that she is unquestionably the most attractive woman to ever go to Duke? And yes, I realize this is not an exactly what we would call a high standard.

  • I'm watching the Mavs @ the Hornets right now, and I have two observations: 1) Chris Paul is electric, and I'm certain that he is the best pure point guard we've seen since Isiah. And yes, that includes Stockton and Kidd; 2) Speaking of Kidd, for all the accolades and media slurping through the years, on his best day, Jason Kidd was never close to the player Chris Paul is right now. I said it! If anybody wants to debate this with me, please give me a call. It's been a while since I won an argument, so I would welcome the opportunity. I will even give you a preview of my argument.

Kidd has always made his teammates better with his ability to run the break, see the floor, and make fantastic decisions in the half court. He, however, has always had three major weaknesses: 1) he has never been great at getting to the hole off the dribble in the half court because he has never had a better than average first step; 2) he has never had the quickness to be a lock down on the ball defender; and 3) He simply can't shoot outside 19 feet. Now, look at Paul. In short, he has all the same strengths and none of the weaknesses. And, for the record, he just made Jose Barea look foolish. Again, I realize this is not an exactly what we would call a high standard.

  • If you haven't listened to yesterday's "B.S. Report" with Simmons and Ric Bucher, do yourself a favor and go to the 28 minute mark. Bucher's comments about the Celtics are fantastic. Let's just say that he perfectly summed up how every person that doesn't live in Boston feels about this Celtic team.

  • Quick question about A-Roid (honestly, I didn't mean to type "Roid". It just happened. Clearly, it was written.): Who is responsible for his pending hip surgery, the Yankees or Boras? Specifically, did the Yankees tell him that he would be anywhere on Earth other than the New Yankee Stadium on opening day, or did Boras tell him that actually suiting up for the Dominican Republic would be the nail in his endorsement coffin here in the States? Either way, I'm okay with it. Honestly, at this point, can't we all agree that MLB is a better place without all the crap that surrounds this guy? I think so.

  • If you want to wet your appetite for March Madness, tune into CBS at 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon when Duke and Carolina renew the greatest rivalry in college basketball. Duke is #7, UNC is #2, and a #1 seed could be at stake. Yes, you read that correctly. If Duke wins this game and makes the ACC Finals, there is at least a decent chance the least talented Duke team of the past decades can steal a #1 seed. On the other hand, if UNC drops this game at home and doesn't win the ACC tournament, they could drop to a #2. That being said, there is no way Psycho T (I've never hated a nickname more than this one) is losing on Senior Day in the Dean Dome.

  • The Link of the Week is 82 Games. Take an hour or so and check out this site and you will be amazed at the time and effort these guys dedicate to their work. I waste entirely too much time on this site every week. I really need to find a hobby.

  • Finally, nobody really did anything terribly baffling this week, so I decided to give the "Really" to Wall Street, which continues to baffle/destroy me financially and emotionally on daily basis.

I hope everybody has a good weekend, and as a tease, I will tell you that we are in the process of potentially adding some new technology to the WAD. I don't want to say too much because I'm not sure we can make it work (mainly due to my technical ineptitude), but we are trying.