Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just checking in...

The first weekend of the Tournament went the way of the chalk...work is busy (thankfully)...I promised not to write about the NBA until the Tournament is over...and, I couldn't care less about the WBC. In other words, you shouldn't read anything into my week long absence other than me not having anything to say. A first, I know. That being said, I promise to have a Final Four Preview/Regional Re-wind posted on Monday morning. Until then, enjoy this week's "Really" and LOTW:

Really? - This is probably overdue, but I don't know anybody that has ever had a more ridiculous start to their head coaching career than Josh McDaniels. Josh, you've got one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. In fact, he is one of the handful of quarterbacks that actually has the tools to make his team better and not just "manage the game" (I hate nothing more than the media celebrating guys that "manage the game". Essentially, it's the equivalent of having a guy in the office that shows up on time, leaves on time, and only takes an hour for lunch every day but NEVER does anything else. He never works weekends. He never has a new or creative idea. Sure, he never screws anything up, but you could find any random guy off the street to do his job. We all know that guy, and we should all just agree to start calling him the Game Manager!) Anyway, I just lost my train of thought...Oh yeah, Josh, you are an idiot. By week 3, Cutler will pull a John Moxon and hit McDaniels in the head with a lazer. Enjoy that.

Link of the Week - When the NBA just isn't enough, where do you go? That's right boys and girls, it's the Euroleague! Where else could you go to find that Travis Best is averaging 9.6 points/game in Italy? Or, that Josh Childress scored 8 points in his first European playoff game?