Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Week to Remember

As I begin writing this, the C's are up 1 on the Lake Show at the half in what is shaping up to be a fantastic game, which brings me to this: I can handle just about anything. I can handle the misery that comes with losing 4 World Series. Lose to your bitter rival 7 years in a row? No problem. Drop $4.99 to endure the two hours of misery that is "Leatherheads"? Been there, done that, and made it through. What I simply can't handle, however, is people telling me that the NBA is not fun to watch. Yes, even as recent as five years ago, I might have agreed, but we now live in what could be a golden age for the Association.

Three Hall of Famers have selflessly gathered in Boston to resurrect a dynasty (granted, one of them, by all observable signs, is clinically insane). The force that is Kobe Bryant is in the midst of his prime. One of the great rivalries in all of sports is raging again. A 24 year old from Akron may just be the best player to ever lace them up. D. Wade, D. Rose, and D. Howard are confirming what we all knew, everybody loves the D! And, if that's not enough, Gary Payton and CWebb have completely revolutionized television. My God, people! What more could you ask for? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Before this week, my two favorite individual sporting performances of all time were MJ's Game 1 against the Blazers in the '92 Finals and MJ's double nickle at the Garden days into his '95 comeback. I still remember where I was when I watched both games, and I still have both games on VHS. I, of course, don't have any way to watch them, but that's not the point. The point is that I honestly never thought any single performance would measure up to those two signature MJ performances. Well, neither Kobe's nor LeBron's Garden coronations individually measure up in my mind, but the combination of the two within days of each other ranks right up there. I mean, in the words of Verne Lundquist, "have you ever in your life" seen one superstar throw down a challenge only to have another superstar rise to the occasion in historic fashion like Kobe and LeBron did this week? I have not.

At the end of the day, the greatest thing about sports is that from time to time it provides us with moments that allow us to forget the problems and realities of the world not only for the time the action is taking place, but also for the countless hours we spend discussing and rehashing those memories for the rest of our life. Well, between the 4th quarter of 43, Kobe's 61, and LeBron's "50 double" (I just made that up, and I kind of like it), I defy you to find a single week that has ever provided us with more of these moments.

Okay, my waxing poetic complete, here are some random thoughts to close this great week:

  • What is the exact opposite of the type of moment I just described? I'm not positive, but I think Lane Kiffin might know the answer. Listen, nobody dislikes Urban Meyer more than me, but really? In fact, it is a close call, but Kiffin has narrowly edged Michael Phelps for the first winner of The WAD's newest gimmick, the "Really" award. I think the criteria is pretty self explanatory.

  • Oh God, TNT just showed McHale's clothesline on Rambis. I hate the Celtics and Lakers, but I freaking love Celtics vs. Lakers. In case you weren't sure, I love the NBA.

  • Finally, for The WAD's newest gimmick (that was a short lived reign for the "Really" award), here is The WAD link of the week: Club Trillion. I was turned on to this site by The B.S. Report, and I've been a loyal fan ever sense. Admittedly, I'm still not certain that this kid is not my good friend, KP, who also enjoyed an illustrious career as a D-1 walkon. Honestly, some of these stories, especially "Love in an Elevator" could have just as easily come from our college days. In other words, I feel a little like Al Bundy when I read this blog, but I think everybody will love it. It is well written, insightful, and most of all, hilarious. Enjoy.

As I finish writing this, the Lakers and Celtics just tipped in overtime. It just doesn't get any better than this. Well, except for maybe LeBron v. Kobe this Sunday. I can't wait to find out.