Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Night Musings

  • All Star Weekend was fantastic. Sure, the game wasn't a classic, but it was entertaining. The whole Shaq/Kobe dynamic certainly made things interesting. Granted, I'd give off more sincerity telling a UGA fan I hope they win a national title than these guys give off pretending they actually get along, but it makes for good theater. That being said, the two best moments of the weekend had nothing to do with Shaq or Kobe, nor did they have anything to do with the game. Here they are in order of awesomeness (yes, I just said "awesomeness"):

2) KG killing Sags

1) GP, CWebb, and Kenny breaking it down

In truth, GP telling Kenny and CWebb that he bought Kobe flowers and candy before Kobe got busy was probably the greatest moment in television history, but I can't find a video clip so you'll have to take my word for it. I wish I could tell you how much joy GP and CWebb have brought to my life this season, but any attempt to do so couldn't possibly do it justice. Suffice it to say that I will start a full blown riot if NBATv and/or TNT don't give these guys as much money as necessary to keep them on the air after this season.

  • Word on the street is the Braves are on the cusp of signing Griff, Jr. I'm not only excited about this because he is probably my favorite baseball player of all time, but I'm also on the verge of getting my hands on a flux capacitor for my DeLorean so I can travel back in time when this move would have mattered. Honestly, things are so bad with the Braves that I feel like they are personally mocking me by signing Jr. It's like they said, "how can we make this guy more miserable with the state of our organization? Oh, I know. Let's go out and sign his favorite player so he can watch him hobble around center field like Willy Mays for the Mets. He'll love that!" I need a drink. What? I've already got one. Okay, moving on...

  • It's not exactly the re-birth of Television Tuesday, but the time has come to break down Season 7 of "24" WAD style. You know what that means: 7 burning questions that must be answered now:

7) What happened to the whole real-time concept?

There was a time when everything on "24" happened in real time. Granted, cell phones had endless battery supplies and could receive and display the schematics of high rise buildings on 2 inch screens, but at least things went down in real time! Now, the "First Gentlemen" gets shot at the end of one episode and the paramedics are arriving as the next episode starts. In other words, I'm supposed to believe the D.C. police and paramedics have a less than 1 minute response time? Don't get me wrong, the "timing" issue isn't preventing me from loving this season, but it's worth mentioning. I mean, I'm not used to "24" making me believe in the impossible. It's just a new experience.

6) The "First Gentleman", really?

My buddy Tim emailed me about this a few weeks ago. Is this really what we would call a female President's husband? Are you telling me that if Hilliary had become President we would have had to refer to President Clinton as a "Gentleman." Just when I thought nothing could be more ridiculous than a less than 60 second response time for the D.C. police! Seriously, can we just agree that if we ever have a female President that we can call her husband the First Dude? That's dignified, right?

5) In a fight between Chloe and Janis, who wins?

There is no way to know the answer to this question, but if there is anyway we can arrange for Janeane Garofalo to catch a fictional beating at Chloe's hands, well...I'm just saying.

4) Is Marika the new Kim Bauer?

You remember in the first couple of seasons how Kim almost killed the show with her ridiculous whining and unbelievable decision making? You remember how she would always be posed with two options, one of which was clearly the smart decision and the other was so obviously wrong that no rational human being would ever make that decision? She, of course, would always choose the latter. Well, let's just say that when a man you've been dating for a few months comes to you in a panic and tells you that he is taking you out of the country immediately and you ask no questions and just go home and pack, you have officially reached Kim Bauer status.

3) Aaron Pierce is back!!!

Okay, that's not a question, but who isn't excited about this? When the chips are down, I want Aaron Pierce watching my back. In case you didn't know, the actor that plays Agent Pierce is the same guy that plays Landry's dad on "Friday Night Lights". In other words, he is one of my favorite characters on two of my favorite shows, and I have absolutely no idea what his name is. I'm sure he would be thrilled to hear that.

2) Was there ever a doubt that Wally Balls was a sleaze bag?

It just so happens Billy Walsh was my least favorite character in "Entourage" history, and Sean Hillinger is quickly becoming one of my least favorite characters in "24" history. And you guessed it, I actually know this guy's name: Rhys Coiro. What does that say about me as a person?

1) Where the hell is Tony Almeida?

Listen, nobody is happier than me that Tony went all Lazarus on us, but I can't help but wonder what the hell he is doing now. Given his situation, it seems to me that he should either be out helping with whole catch the terrorist thing, or he should be doing everything he can to get out of Dodge. Yet, it appears he is just chilling back at the safe house watching Oprah. Not that I know that Oprah comes on at 4 p.m. Don't even think about judging me!

  • Finally, thanks to Stats who set up this page on Facebook: AtlantaWAD Group Page. Many thanks to those of you that have already joined, and thanks in advance to those of you that join in the future. We will use this page to do some more interaction and to organize some more events, fantasy leagues, etc... It's should be a really functional tool that allows us to expand the reader base and make The WAD more fun and interactive for everyone. One of these days I'm going to write at length about Facebook. For now, I will just say it's been one of the most surprisingly entertaining things I've stumbled across in a long time.