Friday, November 28, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready for a great weekend of football. Things are already off to a roaring start with Pitt overcoming Pat White and Dave Wannstedt to win the Back Yard Brawl. And, as I'm writing this, Colorado just threw a 77 yard touchdown pass to a white dude that runs a 6.3 40. The remarkable thing is that he ran untouched for 60 of those yards. Way to suck the life right out of your own stadium, Nebraska. And, over on CBS, Les Miles is making great progress in fulfilling my prediction that he would ruin everything he inherited from Saban within 5 years. You know, it's fitting that Wannstedt and Miles are sharing the spotlight today because I'm not sure I can think of two better coaches to prove the theory that its nice to have a good college football coach, but it's not essential to win. Great talent like Lashean McCoy can even make the 'Stache look good.

Well, that's more attention than any of the aforementioned teams deserve, so let's get down to business:


1) Ga. Tech +7.5 @ UGA - I think Tech either wins big or UGA wins big. Under no circumstances do I think this will be a close game. Given that statement and the fact I'm taking the Jackets only getting 7.5, I will let you figure out what I think is going to happen. I'm not saying, but I'm confident you are smart enough to figure it out. Well, unless you are a UGA grad.

2) Miami -1.5 @ N.C. State - good team coming off a devastating loss versus a bad team coming off an improbable win. Let's restore some order to the world, Miami.

3) South Carolina +1 @ Clemson - Spurrier versus some dude named Dabo? Really?

4) UVA +8 @ Va. Tech - I watched the entire Va. Tech/Duke game, and as a result, there is absolutely no scenario under which I would lay points with Va. Tech right now. And yes, I did pick the Hokies to win the national title. I also said the Ohio State @ Wisconsin game would be one of the top 7 games of the season. You got a problem with it?

5) Cincinnati -22 v. Syracuse - Cincinnati is going to the BCS, so they have be 22 points better than the second worst team in I-A, right? And yes, Notre Dame is officially the worst team in college football. More on them below.

6) Kansas +16 @ Missouri - Remember how huge this game was last year? Well, it's not that big a national game this year, but it still means a lot to these two schools. I'm banking on KU coming out with great emotion and Mizzou looking ahead to playing TBD next week in the Big 12 Title Game.

7) UCF -9 v. UAB - In honor of Big George's three huge wins over UGA from '98 - '00, I'm taking UCF without even looking at either team's record.

8) Florida -16.5 @ FSU - I would love to take FSU in this game, but how can you bet against UF right now? Combine the fact that they are playing lights out with the fact that Urban Meyer is incapable of not running up the score given the opportunity, and you simply can't take the points in this one. For the record, I was routing some kid that goes to Miami-Ohio the other night in EA Sports NCAA football (yes, I'm a huge dork), and I picked him off with :45 left. I immediately called the "Deep Strike" from the "Spread-Shotgun" formation, and hit the square receiver for another touchdown. As I laughed and taunted this kid, he said these words, "you are such a dick. I bet you love Urban Meyer." I immediately apologized, and I haven't slept well since. That's undoubtedly the worst insult anyone has ever sent my way.

9) Maryland +6.5 @ B.C. - Maryland sucks. Then, Maryland is good. Then, Maryland sucks again. And, wait a minute, Maryland is good. Who knows what Terps team is going to show up, but I love the Fridge, and I treasure the memory of hugging him after the Jasper Sanks game. Too much info?

10) UNC -8 @ Duke - UNC = ANGRY!!!

11) Auburn +14.5 @ Bama - Auburn wins this game outright. Yes, I said it.

12) Texas Tech -22 v. Baylor - I would lay up to 63 points in this game. I'm not joking.

13) Kentucky +5 @ Tennessee - I just read that Layne Kiffin is going to make over $2M next year to coach the Vols. He's definitely earned it, right?

14) Wake -4 v. Vandy - Wake has lost some inexplicable games this year, but they have all been to decent teams. Vandy is not a decent team.

15) Oregon St. -3 v. Oregon - Raise your hand if you are pumped for the Oregon St./Penn St. rematch in the Rose Bowl! Anyone? Seriously, anyone?

16) Oklahoma -7.5 @ Ok. St. - I would lay up to 35 points in this game. Texas looked good last night, so OU needs to look better. They will.

17) Oklahoma @ Ok. St. OVER 75 - I would consider taking this if it was just OU's team over.

18) USC -32 v. N.D. - I cannot imagine a number you could put on this game that would induce me to take N.D. Honestly, if SC was laying 80 points, I would probably call this a "stay away", but I still wouldn't take the points. Have things ever collapsed at a major program than they have collapsed over the past 6 weeks for N.D.? Other than Frank Solich going from being #1 in the country heading into the Big 12 Title Game in '01 then getting blasted by CU and Miami in back to back games, I can't think of one. Unlike Solich, however, I don't think Charlie Weis will get two more seasons to continue to ruin the program.


1) Buffalo -7 v. San Francisco - West coast team travels to the east coast to play a 1 p.m. game, lay the points. And, I almost forgot, San Francisco is not good.

2) Baltimore -7 @ Cincy

3) Cleveland +5 v. Indy

4) Carolina +3 @ Green Bay

5) Miami -9 @ St. Louis

6) Tampa -4 v. N.O.

7) Atlanta +4.5 @ S.D.

8) Denver +9 @ NYJ

9) Pittsburgh +1.5 @ New England

10) K.C. @ Oakland UNDER 41.5 - I'm taking the under because I absolutely couldn't bring myself to take Oakland laying 3 or K.C. getting 3. Just an abysmal game.

11) Minnesota -3.5 v. Chicago

12) Jacksonville +3 @ Houston

For the record, since I wrote those scathing things about Les Miles, LSU has run off 20 unanswered points against Arkansas. And no, this doesn't change my opinion one bit.