Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Friday, time to get your locks in

No matter how bad your day is, and mine's pretty boring (hence, this posting), you're having a better day than the Juice. He's currently sweating it out to see if the jury lets him off the hook for his "hotel incident."

You have to love Travis Henry. 9 kids with 9 women is impressive to anybody that didn't grow up in Colorado City. Now he's dealing coke. Of course he is, he's got mouths to feed. Maybe I'm naive, but if I were buying cocaine from Henry I'd expect to get the real deal. And later, after snorting some drywall, I'd know what those 9 women feel like.

This weekend's free show of Slice v. Shamrock might be entertaining. Slice is terrifying, like Clubber Lang. But he has the same weakness: lack of stamina. As you no doubt remember, Rocky's strategy was to allow Clubber to punch him in the face to the point of exhaustion. Then, when Clubber's breathing got heavy, Rocky (spoiler alert) went in for the knockout. Shamrock fits the "hopelessly overmatched over-the-hill white guy" role, and Vegas gives him no respect. I'm hoping for an entertaining match, and I predict a Shamrock win if it goes the distance.

For my lock of the week, I'm taking Texas Tech -7 at Kansas State. Last week the University of Louisiana Lafayette dropped 37 points in Manhattan. I think Leach's offense is a little better than that.

E-mail me your locks, or post them in the comments. Anybody nervous about Duke this weekend?