Friday, October 17, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

Here’s the picks and some carefully calculated insights where necessary:


1) South Florida -24 v. Syracuse – It would be nice to think that Syracuse could circle the wagons one of these weeks. Then again, it would be nice to think that the stock market wasn’t crashing, the sub prime market was thriving, and we would have a Republican President for the next four years. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to accept reality and roll with it.

2) Purdue +4 @ Northwestern – Did anybody tell the Purdue players this is Joe Tiller’s last season? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to at least fake some effort? I’m hoping this will be the week.

3) Wake -2 @ Maryland – Maryland sucked. Then they were good. Now, they suck again. In other words, Wake should win this game. Then again, Wake should have beat Navy. (Side Note: If Clemson had any sense, they would hire the Fridge. Could you imagine him running his offense with the type of athletes Clemson already has? Good God!)

4) UConn +1.5 @ Rutgers – I know UConn is missing their starting quarterback, but last time I checked their other 21 players were still better than Rutgers’.

5) Georgia Tech -2.5 @ Clemson – Team in chaos, new coach, no Spillers, and “Orange Out”. This all sounds looks like trouble for the Jackets, but there is one little problem for the Tigers: Tech is better on both sides of the ball than Clemson. Yes, I said it. Call me a homer, but I think this Tech team is pretty damn good.

6) Wisconsin @ Iowa UNDER 42 – The 12:00 p.m. Big Ten Game. Get ready for lots of 3 and outs and female announcers. What more could you ask for?

7) Texas Tech -21 @ Texas A&M - This line could be 38 and I would take Leach.

8) Georgia -14.5 v. Vandy - I’ve seen Mississippi St. in person. Any team that could lose to them is not a good football team. I don’t care what the SEC hype machine tells you.

9) Utah -22 v. CSU – Somebody has to uphold the honor of the Great state of Mormon.

10) Oklahoma St. -17 v. Baylor – OSU either proves they are legit or they have a Gailey like let down. Who knows what is going to happen? All I know is that Mike Gundy is 42, and he is a man. And no, this will never get old.

11) MTSU +14.5 @ Louisville – this one just seems right. After all, MTSU beat Maryland the first time they sucked.

12) USC -42 @ WSU – why not?

13) Alabama -11.5 v. Ole Miss - The #2 team in the country should cover this, right?

14) Pitt -2.5 @ Navy

15) Michigan +24.5 @ Penn St.

16) K. State +3.5 @ Colorado

17) Kentucky -7 v. Arkansas

18) Mississippi St. +7.5 @ Tennessee

19) Va. Tech +3 @ B.C. – could a 1 loss Va. Tech team play for a national title?

20) Missouri +4 @ Texas – Chase comes home and gets back in the Heisman and national title hunt.

21) Illinois -15 v. Indiana

22) LSU -2.5 @ South Carolina – Granted, LSU’s offense is laughable, but I just don’t see them dropping two straight.

23) Arizona +2.5 v. Cal – This is a MUST win for Baby Stoops. Bear Down.


1) Buffalo -1 v. San Diego – West Coast team playing a 1 p.m. game on the East Coast.

2) New Orleans +3 @ Carolina – I think N.O. is the best team in the NFC. It would be nice if they proved it.

3) Minnesota +3 @ Chicago – put this in the category of games you couldn’t pay me to watch.

4) Cincy +9.5 v. Pittsburgh

5) K.C. +9 v. Tennessee - too many points even for the Chiefs.

6) Miami -3 v. Baltimore – I’ve actually been invited to take some snaps for the Dolphins this week.

7) NYG -10.5 v. San Fran – Giants = ANGRY

8) Dallas -7 @ St. Louis – Cowboys = ANGRIER

9) Houston -9.5 v. Detroit – Lions = SHITTY

10) Indy -1.5 @ Green Bay – I just can’t write the Colts off yet.

11) Oakland +3 v. N.Y.J. – I smell a five pick day for Favre after the cross country trip.

12) Cleveland +7.5 @ Washington – The Browns aren’t as bad as they’ve played this season, and the Skins aren’t as good as they’ve played.

13) Tampa -10.5 v. Seattle – Interesting question: If the Sox and Rays go to Game 7, how many people will actually be at this game? Considering there is no such thing as a legitimate Rays fan, I’m guessing it will be a sell out.

14) Denver +3 @ New England – I traded Randy Moss straight up for Eddie Royal this week. That’s what I think of the Matt Cassell era.