Friday, October 31, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

Tonight I went with my buddy DB and his wife to see the new Seth Rogan movie, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." The movie was very funny, and it happened to feature the most disgusting scene in a movie since the donkey show in Clerks II, so that was great. Even funnier, though, was on the way home when I mentioned to DB that I wasn't that ashamed of my record picking games this season given the fact that I had picked over 200 games. DB quickly pointed out that if I just flipped a coin for every game, I should have a better record than I do. I can always count on DB to put things in perspective. That being said, it's not quite time to pull out the coin. Nope, we are going to do this old school.


1) WVU -4 @ UConn

2) Central Michigan +2 @ Indiana

3) Wisconsin +5.5 @ MSU

4) Northwestern +7.5 @ Minnesota

5) Miami +2 @ UVA

6) Air Force -7.5 @ Army

7) Purdue -2 v. Michigan

8) Auburn +6.5 @ Ole Miss

9) Kansas -8.5 v. KSU

10) Arkansas +7 v. Tulsa

11) Colorado +3.5 @ Texas A&M

12) Kentucky +2.5 @ Miss. St.

13) N.D. -5 v. Pitt

14) Missouri -21 @ Baylor

15) Oregon @ Cal OVER 58

16) FSU @ G. Tech OVER 42

17) UF -6.5 v. UGA

18) Clemson +3.5 @ B.C.

19) Duke +8 @ Wake

20) O.K. St. -29 v. Iowa St.

21) Iowa +3 @ Illinois

22) USC -46 v. Washington

23) Louisville -13 @ Syracuse

24) OU -21 v. Nebraska

25) Texas Tech +4 v. Texas


1) Buffalo -5.5 v. NYJ

2) Detroit +13 @ Chicago

3) Cincy +8 v. Jax

4) Baltimore +1.5 @ Cleveland

5) K.C. +9 v. Tampa

6) Houston +4.5 @ Minnesota

7) Arizona -3 @ St. Louis

8) Green Bay +4.5 @ Tennessee

9) Miami +3.5 @ Denver

10) NYG -9 v. Dallas

11) Oakland +3 v. Atlanta

12) Philly -7 @ Seattle

13) N.E. +6 @ Indy

14) Washington -2 v. Pittsburgh

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little Friday fun

John Daly spent the night in jail. That could have been a wasted night, but for the fact that the article reporting it brought this video to my attention:

The other day I came across this PG porn.

And in case you thought I forgot, Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday Musings

Nothing like "Monday Musings" late on a Sunday night. First of all, I'm sorry I've been MIA the past few weeks. I know apologies are cheap, and I know the story is old and tired, but work has been brutal recently. In fact, I'm hopping a flight for Miami in a few hours, and given the fact that I would rather subject myself to Chinese water torture than fly, it's about to get more brutal. That being said, in the times we live, I feel fortunate to have a job that, at least for the moment, feels secure and is providing me with a lot to do. Stated differently, as much as I love writing in this space, if work gets in the way these days, that is a price I'm happy to pay. I'm sure you all understand.

Well, enough serious stuff. Although work did prevent me from watching any NFL games this weekend (with the glaring exception of the last 4 minutes of the Falcons game that featured the worst call of the NFL season not involved Ed Hockuley), I did manage to take Saturday off and take in the Tech v. UVA debacle, as well as some of Penn St. @ Ohio St. So, of course, I have some thoughts:

  • Of course I'm disappointed Tech lost at home Saturday. In fact, there were moments in the second half that my head almost exploded. That being said, whether I should or not, I trust Paul Johnson, and I trust we will be a better team next week than this week. I know that doesn't make up for the loss, but unlike years past, it does give the fans hope. I guess we'll see whether it is false hope or not.

  • I've bitched and moaned all season about the new clock rules, and Saturday, they really hurt the Jackets. I'm not sure how many total possessions we had, but I'm guessing it was between 8-10 (I'm pretty sure it was 4 in the first half). When you have so few opportunities with the football, you simply can't afford to piss them away with 3 and outs and turnovers. That's exactly what the Jackets did, and that is why they lost. Plain and simple. And yes, the clock rules must be changed after this season, and I hope that decision has already been made. To be fair, though, I have to admit that the same clock rules that killed us Saturday really helped us at BC, Va. Tech, and Clemson. That doesn't make them right, though.

  • Dawg Nation should be walking with a renewed strut this week, and you know what? They should. I didn't see any of the beat down in Baton Rouge, but I know enough about college football to know that only a great team goes down on the Bayou and puts up half a hundred. If UGA can go into Jacksonville next week and make it two in a row over UF, these two weeks will be the best back to back wins of Mark Richt's tenure. And, given the fact I think he has won something like 80% of his games at UGA, that is quite an accomplishment.

  • Speaking of Florida, 63 points? Really? Is there any doubt Urban Meyer is evil?

  • Texas Tech, 63 points? Really? Is there any doubt Mike Leach is a lawyer?

  • I've got to imagine College Gameday will be in Lubbock on Saturday. Have they ever covered the same team 3 times in the same month before? I can't imagine they have. Frankly, they probably should have been in Austin this past weekend, which begs the question has a Team ever played a four game stretch like Texas is about to complete? If you've read the "Team of the Week" section in the top right, you will see that the only thing I can remember on par with this was OU's "Hunt for Red October" back in '00. During that stretch, the Sooners, who were ranked #10 to start the month, knocked off #11 Texas 63-14 in the Cotton Bowl, #2 Kansas State 41-31 in Manhattan, then took a week off before knocking #1 Nebraska 31-14 in the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium in Norman. That was three remarkable wins in the span of 4 weeks. Now, in 2008, Texas has the chance to knock off the #1, 11, 6, and 7 teams in the country on 4 consecutive Saturdays. If this happens, Fite may set himself on fire and Bob Stoops may have Mack Brown killed. So, we have that to look forward to.

  • When Tommy Tubberville gets canned, what do we have to do to make sure he and Tommy Bowden get recurring roles as Coach Taylor's rivals on "Friday Night Lights"? Tubberville, of course, will be the raging a-hole that nobody likes or respects, and Bowden will play the great guy that it hurts to beat. Now that Smash is gone, we need something to add to the plot, and since these guys are/will be available, I don't see how this doesn't make sense.

  • Don't look now, but Greg Schiano might be fighting his way off the respirator. Sure, the Scarlet Knights are still only 3-5, but with a blow out over Pitt on Saturday, and with a thrilling 12-10 win over UConn the week before, Schiano may be doing enough to keep himself at the running at Penn State if Joe Pa: a) dies; or b) wins the national title and retires. With remaining games against Syracuse and Army, Rutgers will have at least 5 wins, and if they can steal one from South Florida or Louisville, they will finish 6-6. This won't get them to a bowl game because they had a I-AA team on the schedule (Morgan State), but let's not kid each other, 6-6 at Rutgers is still pretty decent, especially in the first post-Ray Rice season. If he can pull off 6-6 and get out of Rutgers in one piece, this will be the greatest escape act since the last time Al Groh saved his job. Oh god, I just threw up again.

Okay, I've got to pack and get ready to head to the home of the resurgent Dolphins. But, before I do, here's the updated WAD Top 7 (remember, I rank them based off who I think is better right now, i.e. if they played, who would win):

1) Texas

2) Oklahoma

3) Florida

4) USC

5) Alabama

6) Penn State

7) Oklahoma State

Others receiving votes: UGA, and of course, Va. Tech, UVA, and Gardner Webb

I'll check back in when time permits. Until then, have a great week.

One last note: The Locks of the Week records include this week's locks. Although I never posted your picks, the records take them into account. Say hello to your Mothers for me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

Here’s the picks and some carefully calculated insights where necessary:


1) South Florida -24 v. Syracuse – It would be nice to think that Syracuse could circle the wagons one of these weeks. Then again, it would be nice to think that the stock market wasn’t crashing, the sub prime market was thriving, and we would have a Republican President for the next four years. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to accept reality and roll with it.

2) Purdue +4 @ Northwestern – Did anybody tell the Purdue players this is Joe Tiller’s last season? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to at least fake some effort? I’m hoping this will be the week.

3) Wake -2 @ Maryland – Maryland sucked. Then they were good. Now, they suck again. In other words, Wake should win this game. Then again, Wake should have beat Navy. (Side Note: If Clemson had any sense, they would hire the Fridge. Could you imagine him running his offense with the type of athletes Clemson already has? Good God!)

4) UConn +1.5 @ Rutgers – I know UConn is missing their starting quarterback, but last time I checked their other 21 players were still better than Rutgers’.

5) Georgia Tech -2.5 @ Clemson – Team in chaos, new coach, no Spillers, and “Orange Out”. This all sounds looks like trouble for the Jackets, but there is one little problem for the Tigers: Tech is better on both sides of the ball than Clemson. Yes, I said it. Call me a homer, but I think this Tech team is pretty damn good.

6) Wisconsin @ Iowa UNDER 42 – The 12:00 p.m. Big Ten Game. Get ready for lots of 3 and outs and female announcers. What more could you ask for?

7) Texas Tech -21 @ Texas A&M - This line could be 38 and I would take Leach.

8) Georgia -14.5 v. Vandy - I’ve seen Mississippi St. in person. Any team that could lose to them is not a good football team. I don’t care what the SEC hype machine tells you.

9) Utah -22 v. CSU – Somebody has to uphold the honor of the Great state of Mormon.

10) Oklahoma St. -17 v. Baylor – OSU either proves they are legit or they have a Gailey like let down. Who knows what is going to happen? All I know is that Mike Gundy is 42, and he is a man. And no, this will never get old.

11) MTSU +14.5 @ Louisville – this one just seems right. After all, MTSU beat Maryland the first time they sucked.

12) USC -42 @ WSU – why not?

13) Alabama -11.5 v. Ole Miss - The #2 team in the country should cover this, right?

14) Pitt -2.5 @ Navy

15) Michigan +24.5 @ Penn St.

16) K. State +3.5 @ Colorado

17) Kentucky -7 v. Arkansas

18) Mississippi St. +7.5 @ Tennessee

19) Va. Tech +3 @ B.C. – could a 1 loss Va. Tech team play for a national title?

20) Missouri +4 @ Texas – Chase comes home and gets back in the Heisman and national title hunt.

21) Illinois -15 v. Indiana

22) LSU -2.5 @ South Carolina – Granted, LSU’s offense is laughable, but I just don’t see them dropping two straight.

23) Arizona +2.5 v. Cal – This is a MUST win for Baby Stoops. Bear Down.


1) Buffalo -1 v. San Diego – West Coast team playing a 1 p.m. game on the East Coast.

2) New Orleans +3 @ Carolina – I think N.O. is the best team in the NFC. It would be nice if they proved it.

3) Minnesota +3 @ Chicago – put this in the category of games you couldn’t pay me to watch.

4) Cincy +9.5 v. Pittsburgh

5) K.C. +9 v. Tennessee - too many points even for the Chiefs.

6) Miami -3 v. Baltimore – I’ve actually been invited to take some snaps for the Dolphins this week.

7) NYG -10.5 v. San Fran – Giants = ANGRY

8) Dallas -7 @ St. Louis – Cowboys = ANGRIER

9) Houston -9.5 v. Detroit – Lions = SHITTY

10) Indy -1.5 @ Green Bay – I just can’t write the Colts off yet.

11) Oakland +3 v. N.Y.J. – I smell a five pick day for Favre after the cross country trip.

12) Cleveland +7.5 @ Washington – The Browns aren’t as bad as they’ve played this season, and the Skins aren’t as good as they’ve played.

13) Tampa -10.5 v. Seattle – Interesting question: If the Sox and Rays go to Game 7, how many people will actually be at this game? Considering there is no such thing as a legitimate Rays fan, I’m guessing it will be a sell out.

14) Denver +3 @ New England – I traded Randy Moss straight up for Eddie Royal this week. That’s what I think of the Matt Cassell era.

Post your locks

I've been as busy as the mysterious WAD this week, so I've got nothing for you other than a plea for your picks.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday Musings

  • The Big 12 really stole the show this weekend. Saturday started with The Red River Shootout, which was an amazing game that featured two truly great college quarterbacks and two truly great coaches. Next, Texas Tech and Nebraska put together an instant classic. Then, Saturday concluded with the shocking OSU upset at Missouri that featured big plays and one very good 41 year old coach. I don't want to get in the best conference argument, but I have to point out that no conference has featured better quality matchups than the Big 12 on Saturday. If you take away the abysmal instant replay debacles in the OU and Missouri games (more on that below), these were damn near perfect football games. Great teams, great coaches, and remarkable crowds. In short, it was a banner day for the Big 12, and I suspect it won't be the last. For example, this Saturday Chase Daniel will be looking for redemption of many kinds at DKR in the heart of Austin.

  • Other than being three of the most important and compelling matchups Saturday, what do the OU/Texas, Notre Dame/UNC, and Missouri/OSU games have in common? Each game was marred by atrocious instant replay calls. I'm not going to go off for 2,000 words on this...I've done that before, but I will just ask one more time, if your desire is to prevent human error, how can you possibly defend the use of instant replay in college football? I used to believe that the biggest flaw with the system was that the replay guys didn't have the guts to overturn any calls. Then, on Saturday, we saw calls that clearly should have been upheld overturned, and we saw just as many calls that clearly should have been overturned upheld. Now, my theory has evolved to the following: when you have two guys watching every play trying to decide whether every catch was a catch, every spot was exactly where the knee touched, and every fumble was a fumble, etc... it creates sensory overload. In other words, these guys watch every freaking play with such intensity, they have completely lost the ability to see things with clear eyes and common sense. Actually, that doesn't even make sense. Maybe it's just that they absolutely don't know what they are doing. Whatever the reason, the system doesn't work, and the NCAA should immediately change to the NFL system. If you are going to have instant replay, you have to limit its use, and you absolutely have to get it right when you use it. The NFL does as good a job as possible, and for once, college football should emulate the NFL.

  • While they are fixing the instant replay rules, maybe the NCAA can fix these ridiculous clock rules. Here's my biggest problem with the clock rules: If you are trailing in the second half of a game, you simply must have at least two timeouts left for the last three minutes. If you only have one timeout and you don't have the ball in your hands at the 3 minute mark, you are done. Don't believe me? Well, let's play out the best case scenario:

First down: run up the middle and use 7 seconds on the play. Timeout. 2:53 left.

Second down: run up the middle and use 7 seconds, 3 seconds to blow the whistle and for the play clock to reset, 40 seconds run off the clock...

Third down: snap at 2:03, run up the middle and use 7 seconds, 3 more second to blow the whistle and for the play clock to reset, 40 seconds run off the clock...

Fourth down: snap at 1:13, punt the ball, 7 seconds run off the clock before the fair catch is made.

So, you take possession with 1:06 left with no timeouts. In other words, even when you have a timeout, the opposing team can go 3 and out and bleed nearly 2 minutes off the clock. I have always felt the NFL clock rules were the main reason the NFL games was much less enjoyable to watch than college football. I've never enjoyed the fact that a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter of an NFL game is nearly and insurmountable lead, and I've always loved the fact that a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter of a college game is anything but insurmountable. Now, it's hard to tell the difference between Saturdays and Sundays. If the NCAA ever does away with stopping the clock after a first down, I may lose my mind. Seriously, this could cause me to have a nervous breakdown. Sadly, I'm not kidding.

  • Here are some facts from the weekend:

1) Georgia Tech beat a very bad I-AA team by 3 points at home;

2) Matt Ryan and the Falcons may not yet be a playoff team, but they sure have the heart of a playoff team;

3) Tommy Bowden is coaching his last season at Clemson;

4) USC is in great shape to play for the national championship; and

5) If your girlfriend is a Clemson graduate and you have been dating less than 3 years, it is completely unacceptable to ever, under any circumstance, go to a Clemson game instead of your alma mater's game. You know who you are!

  • Here's a question for you: What happens if BYU goes undefeated, USC and Penn St. have one loss, and Texas, Mizzou, OU, LSU, Florida, and UGA finish with two losses? That's right, folks, there will be a controversy over who plays BYU in the BCS Championship Game. Don't sleep on the Cougars.

  • What's the best part of the MLB playoffs? Joe Buck doesn't announce NFL games. If you had the pleasure of hearing Dick Stockton do the play by play of the Dallas/Arizona game Sunday, can you understand how Fox can possibly put Stockton behind Buck in the lineup? I certainly can't.

  • Speaking of the MLB playoffs, I have yet to watch a pitch. It's not that I don't enjoy the MLB playoffs, but I just find this year's version very boring. That being said, if Manny squares off against the Sox in the Series, I won't miss a pitch, and I will be cheering for Manny like he is a Brave. Why? Well, I love Manny. How can you not love Manny?

  • Last but not least, here's The WAD Top 7 (remember, I rank these teams as all voters should: after this week, who do I actually think are the best 7 teams in the country? I know, it's a novel concept):

1) Texas

2) OU

3) Alabama

4) USC

5) Florida

6) Penn State

7) BYU

Others getting votes: Texas Tech, Mizzou, UGA, and Gardner Webb

Saturday, October 11, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only...

Even in the midst of a hectic week, there is time to make the picks:


1) Iowa -6 @ Indiana

2) Toledo @ Michigan UNDER 49

3) OU -7 v. Texas

4) ECU -6 @ UVA

5) WVU -22 v. Syracuse

6) Rutgers +7.5 @ Cincinnati

7) Colorado +14 @ Kansas

8) Eastern Michiga +2.4 @ Army

9) Vandy @ Miss. St. UNDER 38.5

10) Texas Tech -21.5 v. Nebraska

11) USC -28.5 v. ASU

12) UT +13 @ UGA

13) Michigan St. -1 @ Northwestern

14) Notre Dame +9 @ UNC

15) Purdue +18.5 @ Ohio St.

16) UCF +17 @ Miami

17) Arkansas +17 @ Auburn

18) Arizon -7 @ Stanford

19) BYU -23 v. New Mexico

20) WSU +30.5 @ Oregon State

21) UF -6 v. LSU

22) Missouri -14 v. Oklahoma St. (By the way, did you notice the over for this game opened at 80.5? Good God!)

23) Wisconsin +6 v. Penn St.

24) UCL +20 @ Oregon

25) Hawaii -7.5 v. La. Tech


1) Atlanta v. Chicago UNDER 43.5

2) N.O. -7 v. Oakland

3) Carolina +1.5 @ Tampa

4) St. Louis +13.5 @ Washington

5) NYJ -9 v. Cincy

6) Minnesota -13 v. Detroit

7) Houston -3 v. Miami

8) Baltimore +4 @ Indy

9) Denver v. Jax OVER 48.5

10) Dallas -5 @ Arizona

11) San Fran +4.5 v. Philly

12) Green Bay @ Seattle UNDER 45.5

13) New England +5 @ San Diego

14) Cleveland +9 v. N.Y.G.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Night Musings

Well, I spent the entire weekend at a firm retreat. Therefore, I didn't see any college games except a little of the FSU/Miami game and the very end of the OSU/Wisconsin game. Then, when I got home Sunday I was too tired to even pay attention to the NFL games. And, as for the MLB playoffs, all I know is the Cubs are gone (thank God), and the hopes of a Manny vs. Bo Sox World Series are still alive. What I'm trying to say is that I don't have anything substantive to give you tonight. I'm hoping, however, that Fite might have a few minutes to share some of the highlights of the book he is currently reading. All I know is that it has something to do with Michael Irvin threatening to stab people. Frankly, that is enough to reel me in.

Friday, October 03, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

Better late than never. Sorry for my absence this week and big thanks to Fite for stepping in today and providing some solid entertainment. Work got a little crazy, and I am currently in beautiful South Florida attending to some work responsibilities. That being said, I've got an early morning tomorrow, and I probably won't see a single game this weekend, but that is not going to stop me from trying to build off the momentum of a huge 8-2 NFL record last week. Just the picks and nothing else:


1) BYU -29 @ Utah State

2) Georgia Tech v. Duke OVER 46

3) Indiana +7 @ Minnesota

4) NC State +8 v. B.C.

5) Purdue v. Penn St. OVER 58

6) MSU -6.5 v. Iowa

7) Kansa -11.5 @ Iowa St.

8) Oklahoma -24.5 v. Baylor

9) South Carolina +2.5 @ Ole Miss

10) Notre Dame -6.5 v. Stanford

11) Kentucky +15.5 @ Alabama

12) Texas Tech -7 @ K. State

13) Florida St. +2 @ Miami

14) Michigan -2 v. Illinois

15) UCF -13.5 v. SMU

16) Auburn -4 @ Vandy

17) Texas @ Colorado OVER 54

18) UConn +7.5 @ UNC

19) Maryland -13 @ UVA

20) USC -16 v. Oregon


1) NYG -7 v. Seattle

2) Washington +6 @ Philly

3) San Diego -7 @ Miami

4) Chicago -3.5 @ Detroit

5) Indy -3 @ Houston

6) Carolina -10 v. K.C.

7) Tampa @ Denver OVER 47.5

8) Arizona -1.5 v. Buffalo

9) Dallas -16 v. Cincy

10) Pittsburgh +4 @ Jax

It's Friday, time to get your locks in

No matter how bad your day is, and mine's pretty boring (hence, this posting), you're having a better day than the Juice. He's currently sweating it out to see if the jury lets him off the hook for his "hotel incident."

You have to love Travis Henry. 9 kids with 9 women is impressive to anybody that didn't grow up in Colorado City. Now he's dealing coke. Of course he is, he's got mouths to feed. Maybe I'm naive, but if I were buying cocaine from Henry I'd expect to get the real deal. And later, after snorting some drywall, I'd know what those 9 women feel like.

This weekend's free show of Slice v. Shamrock might be entertaining. Slice is terrifying, like Clubber Lang. But he has the same weakness: lack of stamina. As you no doubt remember, Rocky's strategy was to allow Clubber to punch him in the face to the point of exhaustion. Then, when Clubber's breathing got heavy, Rocky (spoiler alert) went in for the knockout. Shamrock fits the "hopelessly overmatched over-the-hill white guy" role, and Vegas gives him no respect. I'm hoping for an entertaining match, and I predict a Shamrock win if it goes the distance.

For my lock of the week, I'm taking Texas Tech -7 at Kansas State. Last week the University of Louisiana Lafayette dropped 37 points in Manhattan. I think Leach's offense is a little better than that.

E-mail me your locks, or post them in the comments. Anybody nervous about Duke this weekend?