Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Welcome back, NFL

For me, the NFL season starts today. Along with every other slow, short, fat, pallid man I'll be drafting my fantasy team tonight. Of course there's nothing more important in fantasy football than your team name. Here are some funny names from years past.

Travis Henry's Rhythm Method
Hopefully this one doesn't need any explanation, but here goes. Travis Henry has 9 kids with 9 different women. That he knows of. Shawn Kemp couldn't be reached for comment.

Najeh's Closet
Somehow, this one slipped by me.

Chmura's Hot Tub
Mark was charged with having sex with a 17 year old after drinks in the hot tub. He got off. Oh yeah, the jury also found him not guilty.

Rae's Trunk
If I were to hide from the FBI what would I need? Naturally it would be candy bars and bottles to hold my urine while staying in the trunk of a car.

Straight Cash Homey
Damn the Patriots for taking the fun out of Randy. Damn them to hell.

It's not a Toomer
It's a baby. Or a clump of cells. Either way, it's shocking there's a female out there that isn't thinking long-term cash.

Last year, I was the Cleveland Steamers. Real original, I know. Interestingly enough, there's an NFL player that pays to give the steam. How terrifying. I've seen great danes crap, and it's nothing to laugh at.

Have a nice day, and a pleasant fantasy season.