Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday Musings

  • In all my years of following college football, I don't ever remember a week where #1, #3, and #4 went down. To make it even more remarkable, #3 and #4 went down at home. What can we take from all this? Well, I'm glad you asked:

Oklahoma is the best football team in a America right now. That's not saying they will be on the last day of the season, but right now I don't see much dispute. Let me put it this way, can you imagine Oklahoma allowing a 5'6" freshman running back to run straight up the middle for nearly 200 yards? Can You imagine OU losing to a vastly inferior team on its home field? Can you imagine OU being dominated on both lines and completed dominated in every aspect of the game on any field against any team? Finally, can you imagine OU and Bob Stoops ever resorting to motivational tactics like a "Blackout"? The answer is, of course, no. Then again, last Thursday I would never have imagined USC, UF, or UGA doing any of those things except, of course, the cheap motivational tactics. In other words, there is no telling what this season holds from week to week, but for now, it's OU's to lose.

  • For the record, The WAD's Top 5 right now is: 1) OU, 2) Alabama, 3) Missouri, 4) Texas, 5) BYU. Before you go off at BYU, ask yourself this question: Do you really think LSU's offense could score enough points to beat BYU? Obviously, I don't.

  • Speaking of LSU's offense, I just have to ask: how can schools like LSU, Auburn, and Tennessee not manage to put a competent quarterback on the field. Listen, I'm a guy that suffered through 4 years of the Reggie Ball era, and I'm hear to tell you that he wasn't as bad as the abysmal quarterbacks these teams are trotting on the field. I can't believe I just wrote that, but it's true. The point? With these three miserable offenses, and with UF and Ole Miss combining for 61 points and UGA and Bama combining for 71 points, can we put the talk of the dominant SEC defenses on hold for a bit? Please.

  • Yes, there is something to the WAD MOTW curse. Don't believe me? Just ask Jim Grobe. Good Lord, how does Wake lose to Navy? Oh, it's wild and lean times in the ACC.

  • Speaking of ACC underachieving, can someone just put Tommy Bowden out of his misery? Honestly, I feel like I'm watching a dog that's been run over by a car. Somebody just end it already. The good news for Clemson fans is that one day they might call Tommy Bowden their Jim Donnan. You know, their coach that recruits tremendous talent and chronically under achieves. Of course, in order to complete the comparison, Clemson has to hire their version of Mark Richt and take it to the next level. Frankly, they should have made the move last year and thrown the kitchen sink at Rich Rodriguez. Since that ship has sailed, where do they go? How about the man that took them down this past Saturday? That's right, I'm championing the Fridge as the next coach at Clemson. Think about it, the Fridge has had solid to great success at Maryland without being able to recruit any talent. Put him in a place where he can recruit even decent talent, and he would be amazing. And, put him in a place where he can inherit elite talent, and he may well win a national title.

  • It must be the last weekend in September because I can hear the choking all the way from Flushing. Nice job Mets.

  • Don't look now, Jimmy Clausen may just be turning into the quarterback everybody expected.

  • The Skins' win Sunday was huge for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that Jason Campbell looks more and more like a legit NFL quarterback every week. If he keeps playing at this level, and if Portis stays healthy, the Skins are going to be in the race all season. That's not good news for the Giants.

  • What can I say about Brett Favre's performance Sunday? There is no disputing he was remarkable, but does anybody else find it odd that he was throwing for 40 yard touchdowns with a 14 point lead and less than 2 to play? I mean, if I didn't know better I would think #4 was a stat whore.

  • Speaking of the Jets, what they hell were they wearing Sunday? Were they impersonating the cast from that awful George Clooney football movie? Whatever it was, here' s hoping we never see that again.

  • Finally, on a television note, it should come as no surprise that "The Office" hit it out of the park in its season debut. It's an unofficial stat, but I'm pretty sure I broke my all time record for laugh out loud moments while sitting alone in my house. Simply fantastic.