Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mid-Week Musings

  • Three weeks ago, I drafted what I thought was going to be a very formidable fantasy football team. Then, Brady went down, which rendered Randy Moss useless for me and put me in a state of chaos. What did I do? I went out and traded Bulger for the 49er's #2 receiver. Well, even though my season is in the crapper, I do take pleasure in the fact that Bulger hit the bench today and Shalls is stuck with him. Sure, Shalls is one of my best friends, and I shouldn't take delight in his misery, but what can I say? I'm an a-hole.

  • I just watched the 9th inning of the Braves' one run win over the Phillies. The Braves have been out of the race for months now, but it was still great to watch them rise to the occasion in a playoff atmosphere. As my buddy said, this is what is great about baseball. You can bet totally out of the race, but every day is a new day with something to play for. If you don't believe this is true, all you had to do was watch the intensity the Braves played with tonight. You just don't see this in the NBA or NFL. In those leagues, teams out of the hunt tend to pack it in and way for next year. Not so in MLB. And, after watching tonight's game, I am really excited about the upcoming playoffs. There really is nothing in sports quite like playoff baseball when every pitch matters. Good times.

  • Tonight was episode 4 of "90210", or as I call it, "The Deuce". It's not Season 1 of "The O.C." good, but I'm telling you it has come out of the gate stronger than Barbaro. Let's just hope it doesn't meet its demise as suddenly.

  • We are three episodes into the new season of "Entourage", and I am still on the fence. The writers are doing a great job with Ari and Lloyd, but none of the other characters seem to be catching their stride. We need Vince to get a job, the money to start rolling back in, and the parade of talent to start rolling through Drama's condo, right? In other words, let's get back to the basics and let's do it fast.

  • Other than the debilitating sunburn on my face, Saturday's Tech v. Miss. St. game was phenomenal. If you had told me a month ago that our offense would look this good after 4 games, I would have laughed at you. But, once again, I would have been wrong. Things are really starting to click, and when you combine the developing offense with our dominant front 4 on defense, we have a chance to beat any team on our schedule. Again, I would never have believed that a month ago. Suffice it to say, I'm enjoying the Paul Johnson era.

  • There is no doubt that this week's game of the week is between the hedges. After looking inept against South Carolina, UGA looked fantastic last week against ASU. Their rush defense was dominant, and they continually got pressure on the quarterback. And, on offense, Moreno did what he does, Stafford looked fantastic, and A.J. Green did an amazing Calvin Johnson impersonation. On the flip side, Alabama dominated Arkansas last week, but given the Hogs' ineptitude, I don't think we can really take too much from that. Instead, the only real barometer we have for the Tide is their dismantling of Clemson in week 1 on a neutral field. Frankly, I think this game could go one of two ways: 1) John Parker Wilson could be overwhelmed by the Dogs defense and the hostile crowd and hand UGA the game in the first quarter; or 2) John Parker Wilson could show the poise and composure the Bama fans have been waiting so long for, and UGA could find themselves in a 4th quarter fight with a team that, unlike South Carolina, actually has the firepower to beat them. I'm leaning towards one direction, but since it's only Tuesday night, I am withholding judgment for a few more days.

  • Everyone can rest easy now, Steph has decided to report to the Knicks' training camp. This should be the decision that gets them back on the right track. Who knows, they could win 17 games this year!

  • Speaking of New York sports teams, with all the talk about the Cowboys, which is deserved, people seem to have forgotten about the defending World Champion Giants. The G-Men are 3-0 going into their bye week, and they have a legitimate chance of being 6-0 after hosting Seattle in Week 5, traveling to Cleveland (the most inexplicably awful team in recent memory) in Week 6, and hosting the Niners in Week 7. Considering their schedule after Week 7 (@ Pittsburgh, 2 games against both Dallas & Philly, on the road at Arizona and Minnesota, and a home game against the Panthers in Week 16), they may need to be 6-0 to have a chance to defend their title in January.

  • Huge props go the U.S. squad for their great triumph at this year's Ryder Cup. It was truly a great victory, and I enjoyed every minute of Sunday's singles matches. Well, every minute except for the minutes I was flipping through the Sunday Ticket watching my fantasy team implode. At any rate, despite the fact Paul Azinger is one of my least favorite people in professional sports (he is the golf broadcasting equivalent of Troy Aikman) and despite the fact I cringed every time an American golfer "raised the roof" and every time the crowd chanted "U.S.A." (there is a time and a place, people, and that place is never a golf course), I was truly proud of this team's performance. And, the fact they pulled off the victory while Mickelson managed to once again embarrass himself on Sunday made it all the better. I know women that have bigger balls than Mickelson...don't ask!

  • I would like to officially thank the Miami Dolphins for humiliating the Patriots this past Sunday. You have done football fans around America a great service.

  • I almost forgot, my buddy Jack wanted me to point out that Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis should be a Heisman candidate. Honestly, I looked up his stats, and I'm not sure Jack has, but I promised I would pass along the message. Don't shoot the messenger.