Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mid-Week Musings

What’s on my mind? I’m glad you asked:

- Coach Johnson’s Yellow Jackets stole a big road this past weekend. Sure, BC is not a great team. Hell, BC may not even be a good team, but they are a decent team with a strong defensive line, and the Jackets managed to overcome a case of fumblelitis to manage just enough points to win. I, of course, am not ready to run out and buy my tickets to the ACC Championship game just yet, but I am very excited about two things: 1) The Jackets’ defensive line should give them a puncher’s chance against every team on our schedule, with one glaring exception I choose not to acknowledge at this point; and 2) 4th and 1 with 2 minutes to play and the opponent is out of time outs, what do you do? Paul Johnson lines his offense up and gets that damn yard. It’s a new era on the Flats…thank God!

- Am I the only person that is terribly bothered by the fact that Skip Holtz doesn’t speak like he has marbles in his mouth? Are we sure Lou is his biological father?

- I’m tired of hearing about the un-sportsman like conduct against UW. Here are the facts: 1) Under the rules, if a player throws the ball high in the air after scoring a touchdown, it is a 15 yard penalty; 2) Locker threw the ball high in the air; 3) UW should have still made a 35 yard kick from the center of the field; 4) the call did not “cost UW the game.” If they make the extra point, the game goes to overtime, and there is no guarantee they would have won the game; and 5) the kicker kicked the ball in the center’s ass. It’s not like the kick came up a yard short. In sum, the rule may suck, but the ref’s job is to enforce the rules, so let’s lay off the ref and maybe ask why the kicker hit his center in the ass.

- Urban Meyer once again proved himself to be a complete a-hole. I know that is not very eloquent, but some facts do not lend themselves to eloquence. If you are up 20 points on any team, much less a rival that is loaded with freshman and sophomore talent, and you can take a knee and run out the clock, you don’t throw the ball into the end zone and then kick a field goal with :25 left. There is no justifiable defense for doing this. It’s classless, and unfortunately, it is typical for Meyer. Remember, this is the same guy that whined his way into a national championship game by trashing Michigan, Lloyd Carr, and essentially everybody else in college football, and this is the same guy that threw for touchdowns in the waning minutes against UT last year when the game was well in hand. In short, I long for the day the ‘Canes meet the Gators again and don’t have to rely on freshmen and sophomores. All that being said, if I was a Florida fan, I would thank God every night that Urban Meyer was my football coach. There is no greater sign that you have a great coach than random people blasting them for running up the score. If he wasn't great, we wouldn't care. He's still an a-hole, though.

- I simply refuse to take responsibility for jinxing the Falcons, so I will just say that Sunday was fun.

- As for the rest of the NFL, I think Stats did a nice job in summing up Week 1 and the state of the League in his comments on Monday. You can’t help but feel that a new day is dawning. Guys like Cutler and Reggie Bush appear to be making the leap. Guys like Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco (I have no idea if that is spelled correctly, and I am too lazy to look it up) seem very comfortable at the reigns, and some guy in a green jersey appeared pretty comfortable in his new surroundings. On the flip side, Tom Brady looked pretty uncomfortable writhing in pain, and Peyton Manning looked pretty uncomfortable watching his teammates decompose in front of him. In all sincerity, after a long and miserable stretch of terrible offensive football, it appears that it may actually be cool to score points again in the NFL. Courtesy of the Sunday Ticket (more on this below), I watched every game Sunday afternoon, and I truly enjoyed watching the Saints, Chargers, Panthers, Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, Lions, Bills, Eagles, and Cardinals play offense. That’s 10 teams, which is approximately 8 more teams playing enjoyable offensive football than in the past 5 years. And, the funny thing about that is the two teams that have actually embraced offensive football over the past 5 years, the Colts and Pats, looked miserable this weekend. In all fairness, the Pats are now starting a high school starting quarterback.

- As for the Sunday Ticket, I have honestly never wrestled more with a legal purchase. Listen, $400 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend for anything that doesn’t involve splitting Aces, so I went back forth no less than 3 dozen times on whether I should actually make the investment. Ultimately, as is usually the case, I showed very little self restraint and made the fiscally irresponsible decision. That being said, I’m so glad I did. Let me tell you, being able to watch every game is great, but being able to turn to the “Red Zone” channel and never miss a score is even better. And, even better than that is being able to turn to the “Game Mix” and watch up to 8 games at one time. But, the greatest feature of all is being able to program your entire fantasy team, as well as your opponent’s team, in the “Player Tracker” and receive alerts every time the quarterback completes a pass, the running backs have a carry, and the receivers make a catch. At the end of the day, the only negative is that it is all almost too much. I mean, somewhere around half time of the late games I did have to go to Taco Bell just to give my eyes and right thumb (my channel changing finger) a rest.

- Football, of course, wasn’t the only highlight Sunday. Everybody else in the country was able to view the premier of Season 5 of “Entourage”. I, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy the premier until tonight. Much to my delight, it was worth the wait. Since we last saw the boys, E has gained a client, Drama has filmed over 50 episodes of “Five Towns” and is quite the diva, Ari hasn’t changed a bit, Turtle has been having sex with attractive women on a deserted beach in Mexico, and Vince has been having sex with multiple attractive women at the same time on a deserted beach in Mexico. In short, not bad times. As is typical, the season premier didn’t provide many fireworks. It simply updated us on each character and framed the issues and upcoming storylines. It looks like we have a season of Ari being Ari, E turning into Ari, Drama making the most of his fame, Vince fighting his way back to the top, and Turtle living off Vince’s scraps. Season 4 was somewhat disappointing, but if the Varsity writers show up for every episode, Season 5 is poised to be a great comeback for the boys from Queens Blvd. On the other hand, if we see the J.V. writing squad, this season could be, as Stats predicts, the boys jump the shark.

- Finally, I say the following with full knowledge of the heckling I am going to endure: The CW’s reincarnation of “90210” is really good. I’m not ashamed of the fact that I was a huge fan of the original, and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Deuce. The characters are likeable, the actors do a pretty decent job, and the writing is not terrible. Plus, the integration of the old characters (Kelly, Nat, and Brenda) has been seamless and actually makes a lot of sense. If you liked the original, and/or you liked the “OC”, you should give the Deuce a shot. And no, I take no responsibility if you hate it. With that, let the heckling begin.