Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Informational Purposes Only

After a few weeks to warm up, I’m feeling big things this weekend. If wagering were legal outside Las Vegas, here’s where I would be looking to pay the mortgage:


1) UConn -12 v. Baylor

2) G. Tech -8 v. Miss. St. - I’m sold. I honestly cannot quantify how excited I am about the new attitude on the Flats. If we hold onto the football, the Jackets should break out in a big way this weekend.

3) Ohio +11.5 @ Northwestern – Didn’t Ohio hang with Ohio State? What am I missing?

4) East Carolina -7.5 @ N.C. State – After a scare last week, the Pirates get back on track against a terribly mediocre team.

5) Penn St. -28.5 v. Temple – Temple isn’t as bad as usual, but Joe Pa’s boys are putting up points faster than they are racking up indictments.

6) Iowa PICK @ Pitt – Ferentz v. The ‘Stache, and I don’t have to lay points? C’mon, this is easy money.

7) Central Michigan @ Purdue OVER 65 – just feels right.

8) Ohio St. -20.5 v. Troy – Troy has athletes, but OSU has a lot of frustration to take out.

9) Arkansas +9 v. Alabama - It kills me to back a Petrino coached team, but after two rough weeks to start the season, you’ve got to believe Petrino took the bye week to get his offense ready. Look for Casey Dick to put up big numbers.

10) UCF +10.5 @ B.C. – UCF took a very good South Florida team to overtime. I find it hard to believe B.C. is more than 10 points better than the Fighting O’Leary’s.

11) Eastern Michigan +21.5 @ Maryland – The Fridge had a great win last week, but would you ever consider laying 21.5 points with a team that beat Delaware by 7 and lost to MTSU? I didn’t think so.

12) Missouri -34 v. Buffalo – Just keep riding the Tigers. They play with a chip on their shoulder every week.

13) UCLA +3 v. Arizona – after losing my lock of the week by 51 points last week, I’m going back to the Bruins for a refund!

14) BYU -28 v. Wyoming – after handing me the worst loss in the history of wagering, I’m a believer.

15) Notre Dame +8.5 @ Michigan State – This is as big a game as N.D. has all year. Right now, I’m not sure if they are decent or horrible. We should know the answer around 7 p.m. Saturday.

16) Va. Tech +3 @ UNC – UNC’s win at Rutgers was nice, but I have to see them do it on the big stage before I’m a believer.

17) Oregon -10 v. Boise St. - When are Mike Belloti and the Ducks going to get the respect they deserve?

18) Florida -7.5 @ UT – The Gators can name their score, and I’m sure the Great Dick (a/k/a Urban Meyer) will.

19) FSU -5 v. Wake – Don’t look now, the ‘Noles might be on the comeback trail. If they win Saturday, you better keep an eye on them.

20) Auburn +2.5 v. LSU - Still looking for the first 3-0 overtime win in NCAA history…

21) Arizona St. +7 v. UGA – UNLV beating ASU was the worst thing that could have happened to the Dogs (I refuse to spell it incorrectly)


1) Atlanta -6 v. K.C. – Is Bobby Thigpen really playing QB for the Chiefs?

2) Arizona +3 @ Washington - The Skins looked awful in Week 1 and great in Week 2. Until proven wrong, I’m thinking this may be a trend. Not to mention that Kurt Warner is suddenly awesome again.

3) Houston +5 @ Tennessee – You couldn’t pay me to watch this game.

4) Buffalo -10 v. Oakland – JaMarcus Russell on the road? No thanks.

5) Chicago -3 v. Tampa – Brian Griese on the road? Not with a gun to my head.

6) Carolina +3.5 @ Minnesota – Gus Frerotte in an NFL game? Good God, what is going on here?

7) NYG -13.5 v. Cincy – The Super Bowl Champions have to be two touchdowns better than this mess at home, right?

8) N.E. -12.5 v. Miami - The New England defense might set an all time fantasy record this weekend.

9) N.O. +5.5 @ Denver - I know they lost a game they shouldn’t have last weekend, but I still love the Saints. I also love this Broncos team, but with the Brandon Marshall indictment mixed with the karma from the end of last week’s game, they have to lose this week, right?

10) San Francisco -4 v. Detroit - you have to bet against the Lions. Honestly, you have no choice.

11) Seattle -10 v. St. Louis - Good grief, there are some horrible teams in the NFL.

12) Cleveland +2 @ Baltimore - This is a must win for the Browns. Not so much for the Ravens.

13) Pittsburgh +3 @ Philly – the short week after an epic Monday Night game will do the Eagles in.

14) Indy -5.5 v. Jax - If Jacksonville was playing with an offensive line, I might feel differently.

15) Dallas -3 @ Green Bay - Even I don’t think Aaron Rogers is this good.

16) San Diego -9 v. NYJ – traveling 3,000 miles to play an angry Chargers team…good luck Favre.

As excited as I am about the likes of Brees, Romo, Cutler, Eli, Warner, etc.., I can’t help but notice that the following men are starting at quarterback for NFL teams this week:

Ryan, Thigpen, Collins, Russell, Orton, Griese, Frerotte, Cassel, O’Sullivan, Kitna, Flacco, and Garrard.

That is over 1/3 of the NFL that can’t manage to put a decent quarterback on the field. Am I really supposed to believe that only 20 men in this entire country can capably play quarterback? And yes, I know the jury is still out on the likes of Ryan, Russell, Cassel, and Flacco, but even if all of them turn out to be decent, I still don’t feel very good about this.

That being said, enjoy your weekend and if you see a big bus making a U-turn, I’m driving!