Monday, June 23, 2008

What's next?

I seriously hate this time of year. No hoops, no football, baseball doesn't really matter yet, tennis stopped being relative in our youth, NASCAR stopped being interesting when I stopped recognizing the names of the guys that actually win races, and the summer television schedule is abysmal. In short, I'm one more "Everybody Loves Raymond" re-run away from digging into my jugular with a butter knife. Combine all this with the fact that the smoke detectors in the WAD Palace have decided it is fun to randomly go off at all hours of the night for sh*ts and giggles, and life is just lovely right now. So, why I am I sharing all this gloom and doom with the WAD Nation? Well, I'm not too proud to admit that this time of year presents a lot of challenges when deciding on what to write about. That's where you guys and gals come in. I need your suggestions. Consider this your opportunity to help direct the WAD through the dog days of summer and send me some ideas for what you would like to read about. And, if the spirit moves you, feel free to send me your own articles, and I will publish them.

And, just for your enjoyment, here's a special WAD Top 7. You can guess the topic:

7) Jennifer Morrison (Cameron on "House")

6) Carrie Underwood

5) Elisha Cuthbert

4) Miranda Kerr

3) Minkha Kelly

2) Olivia Wilde ("13" on "House")

1) Megan Fox