Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stats wants a debate

Here's Stats' question of the day:

If Adrian Peterson is statistically the best rookie, but his team sucks, does he deserve rookie of the year over Calvin Johnson, who is taking the Lions places they've never been before, while producing mediocre stats? Perhaps Johnson draws so much attention, thats the reason why the Lions are winning.

Fite's reply, which tries to stir the pot a little:

I agree that AD has the best stats, so I'm just going to look at what CJ has done. Through 8 games, the Lions are averaging 250 passing yards per game (I'm only looking at Kitna, which means I'm leaving out J.T. O'Sullivan's 148 trash time yards). Last year, Kitna averaged 263 yards/game. So with CJ in the lineup, Detroit is averaging fewer passing yards per game.

Kitna also threw 21 TDs last year. He's on pace for 20 this year. Again, no improvement.

Things look even worse for CJ when you compare him to other rookie receivers. Try this link, from NFL.com. CJ is 4th in receptions (behind Dwayne Bowe, James Jones, and GREG OLSON a tight end). CJ's 3rd in yards, behind Bowe and James, and he's tied for 3d with 2 TDs (behind Bowe and MATT SPAETH another TE).

Finally, CJ has fewer catches than his teammate Furrey, who is a white boy from North Iowa. Ouch.

The point is that CJ hasn't improved the Lions stats, and he's not taking them places they haven't been before. The Lions won championships before they were called Super Bowls, so they've been to the top.