Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to the Austin WAF

Since there's no sign of the elusive WAD (probably the first time he's been called elusive), here are a few things to pass the time:

Our lead story is about the WAD man of the week.

You have to respect Texas Tech. For one thing, Mike Leach is a guy that decided to quit practicing law because he felt like being a coach. Tech students also keep things interesting by trying to sell Mike Vick shirts.

In more Vick news, he lost his arbitration.

Are you wondering which college coach will be fired next? Check out coaches hot seat. This is a great site that I just found out about. You can learn many interesting things, such as Chan Gailey having the 47th best career win percentage among D-1 coaches. You can kill some quality time on this site. I haven't looked at much of it, so if you find something interesting post it.

I can't get YouTube at work, so I'm posting this clip on blind faith. Apparently it's a funny ad from a Norman, OK car dealership.

Public service announcement: Natalie Portman did a nude scene. In this article, she tells us to watch it for free on the internet. Well, if she insists.

This guy is my favorite criminal of the day, and it's not even close.

Have a nice day,