Friday, October 26, 2007

The law, sports, and some news you can use

Andy sent me an e-mail this morning that got me thinking - as lawyers we really need to be careful in what we say and what we do:

Clearly, we can't have sex with a client. But what about the client's mother? Well, that's OK so long as you get the client to sign a permission slip.

What if we make things more difficult...your client (male) invites you to a three-way with his girlfriend. The three of you form a London Bridge. Is that OK? Yes, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court (scroll to paragraph 56). Andy gets credit for this great find.

Sometimes even joking about sex can get you in trouble, especially if you're talking about a teenage boy.

On to sports. This week, I'm paying the Patriots the ultimate compliment: I've chosen to bench my Redskins defense and go without. I'm pretty happy with the Redskins, and I think they'll do well for the rest of the year. There's nobody on my bench I'm willing to put on the waiver wire for a one week fix at Defense, so the Patriots have scared me into not playing one.

Bill Callahan, lame-duck coach of Nebraska, recently said that he's doing an "excellent job." He's 4-3 this year, and 26-18 for his career. Obviously the fans love him. That sound you hear is Bo Pellini packing up and moving to Lincoln.

And here are a few bonus links to get you through your day:
Don't forget to get your locks in.

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