Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The WAD will return soon

The WAD has been busy at his real job lately, but word on the street is that he'll be wrapping a few things up today. We can all look forward to the WAD's undivided attention in the days ahead.


What is an appropriate punishment for the Patriots if the NFL confirms that they stole signals? Early reports indicate that they stole signals and that there was a similar incident last year at Green Bay.

The first question is, obviously, who the hell needs to steal signals against the Packers?

The second question is determining a proper punishment. I think that they should forfeit the game as well as next year's first and third round draft picks. I also think that NFL security should post an additional observer or two on the Pats sideline for the rest of the season.

This case also makes me wonder what the NFL can do to coaches. Does it have the authority to suspend Bellichek for a few weeks? That would be an interesting idea, you cheat and you can't coach or be around the players for a month.

What about fining the Kraft family? Or taking away in-helmet radio communications with Brady?

I'll leave it to the WAD's faithful readers - what should the NFL do if the Pats are guilty?

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