Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Online Auction

The Machi bowl had its first online auction draft tonight. All things considered, it went pretty well. Nice job Shalloway setting everything up. The only real technical difficulty came toward the end, when several people (Fite, Ball, Ern) were all thrown off at the same time. But nobody should complain, because the last round or two shouldn't change anyone's lineup.

What did we learn? The autodrafters were willing to go MUCH higher than real live online humans. It got pretty funny watching the WAD's team take 853 wide receivers, without taking a RB. Fite's team, on the other hand, tried to outsmart the auto bidders and ended up with too many QBs. Needless to say, we all learned a lesson or two.

I think we were all shocked to find out that the WAD and Stats, two of the most degenerate f*cks anybody has ever known, both autodrafted. I guess the real world got in the way...or they're both puss*es. You never know.

It's too early to tell who the big winner of the draft was. But we know who lost: Big Ern. With no wild card this year, there's no way such a sorry sack of sh*t makes the playoffs this year.

Today is an open day for WAD nation, let us know what you're thinking about. Those of you that are thinking Fite overbid for Adrian Peterson, you're right.

Have a nice day,


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