Thursday, September 20, 2007

Notre Dame, links, and a few picks

You'd think that Notre Dame would be trying to avoid negative press, but apparently that's not the case. The Irish have decided not to release Demetrius Jones from his scholarship. Jones, as you already know, was N.D.'s starting quarterback in the first game of the season. After he got benched, he decided to transfer to Norther Illinois.

Since Jones is still under scholarship with Notre Dame, Northern Illinois can't give him one. This means that N.D. is literally making Jones pay for leaving the team. Why would Jesus' team act this way?

I blame the media. Now that the Irish are 0-3, people are starting to wonder why Weis is getting contract extensions while Ty Willingham was fired after the third year of his five year deal. Many sportswriters think it has something to do with the "R" word.

So maybe N.D. is trying to show the world that they aren't a bunch of "r"ists. They've deiced to do something nice for a "B" man: they're offering to pay his tuition at N.D. even if he doesn't want to go there. The NAACP must be proud.

Late breaking news: after writing this, I saw that N.D. might let Jones out, but only to certain schools. Northern Illinois is not one of those schools.

Arizona +8 at Baltimore

Baltimore's D is still solid, and Arizona's offense is inconsistent. Seems like the Ravens are the obvious choice, but I'll take the Cards. At this point we don't know how healthy McNair is (much like every other season) and I just don't think they'll score enough to cover. This looks like 17-10 type of game.

Lions +7 at Eagles

I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. I can't help myself, I've been a Lions fan since the 49ers let Montana go and I haven't had much to cheer for. Add that to the fact that McNabb hasn't looked right all season, and I'll take the points all day long. Quick quiz: name Philly's WRs. Unless you've got them on your fantasy team, I'd be shocked if you got more than one. And Westbrook doesn't count.

San Diego -5 at Green Bay

This has to be the week two strange trends end: San Diego's offense sucking and Green Bay winning games. Lambeau's still warm this time of year, and LDT is overdue for a huge game. For God's sake, he's tied as the 18th best fantasy RB after 3 weeks. That has to piss him off.

Carolina -4 at Atlanta

Harrington will cost the dirty birds more than 4 points this week. Count on it. We all know how great he is in pressure situations, and now that he's got the WAD MOTW looking over his shoulder, you can feel the choke coming.

Penn State -3 at Lloyd Carr's funeral

Maybe all Michigan needed was one good game. There's no doubt that they've got talent, and now that they know they can win the rest of the season will go well. Maybe. But it's not going to start this weekend. Penn State has good athletes, and JoePa isn't coaching them anymore. Don't kid yourself, that "I like it in the booth" is a line. They've told gramps to go sit in the corner for a few hours each Saturday, and let the assistants take over. And the assistants have done well.

Texas Tech -6 at Oklahoma State

I'll be the first to admit it, I thought OSU would have a good offense this year. I even made them my first lock of the week against Georgia. At least other people fell for it too, including Fiutak, who Stats has a man-crush on. Anyway, OSU lost to Troy last week 41-23. I think Tech is better than Troy, so I'll lay the points.

Alabama -3.5 v. Georgia

For our Sagarin draft, I took Alabama solely because of Saban. I think he's a disgusting human being, but a great coach. I've seen first-hand what a quality coach can do. Two years after Stoops arrived, he won a title with a bunch of players he inherited from some crappy teams. Yes, he made some great moves (bringing in Heupel) but he mostly coached the players that were already there.

No matter how bad Alabama has looked lately, they still have decent athletes. Add a good coach to the mix, and they can play over their heads. I think that last week's game taught them a lesson, and they'll learn to finish games. The crowd will be crazy, the team pumped, and Georgia's in big trouble.

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