Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday with Fite

So much for the WAD coming back this week. There's just too much going on right now for me to pass up the chance at a half-assed post.

Let's start with the Patriots. The team got fined $250,000, but nobody cares. If you can own an NFL team a quarter of a million is pocket change. Sticking a homeless-looking head coach for $500,000 has to hurt. You don't have to be real good at math to understand that it's really an $850,000 fine because he's got to pay it with after tax income.

Maybe it's just a cost of doing business. If you've been cheating your whole career you've been getting raises based on the results. The fine is fair and it sends a clear message to every other coach in the league: you'll be held accountable, so make sure you know what your people are doing.

Then there's the draft picks. Unless this causes a huge distraction, or Tom Brady dies, this team is making the playoffs. Losing a first round pick is an appropriate penalty. The Patriots committed an offense as a team, and it makes sense to punish the entire team for that act.

The other big story is that Orenthal the murderer is a suspect in a Las Vegas robbery. The Juice claims he's innocent, but plans to write another "If I Did It" book. The Goldmans are already looking at how they can garnish any wages OJ might earn in jail.

What about Greg Oden? I don't care about the NBA.

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