Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Musings

Here we are. You smell that, kids? You feel that in the air? I know I do. That’s right, after nine months of anguish, we are finally on the eve of the three months of the year that make life worth living: college football season. Normally, I would include the NFL in this declaration of love, but I trust you will understand if I’m not too excited about the prospect of watching Joey Harrington lead the Falcons into battle. Let’s just go ahead and agree that my NFL interest is going to be limited to gambling and nothing else this year. Can we do that? Good. Anyway, it’s finally game week and toe meets leather this Thursday night in Starkville, MS when LSU comes calling. Then, of course, things kick off in earnest on Saturday with some great intersectional match-ups. My Jackets travel up to South Bend to seek revenge against the Domers after having victory ripped from our hands last year by the refs and Reggie Ball. UGA continues its new found tradition of hosting a Big 12 bottom feeder to start the season when the Pokes come calling. And, I’m sure Ole Miss and Memphis play this week. I mean, they have been the first game of my gambling…I mean, the college football season for many years now. I guess the point is that I am very excited and you should be too. I hope you take the opportunity to fire away in the comments section all week as we get ready for kickoff. That being said, enough rambling and run-on sentences, here’s some Monday Musings:

  • Went and saw “Superbad” this weekend. Listen, this movie isn’t winning any Oscars, but I recommend every guy go see it. It will take you back to a better time. It is about an hour and 45 minutes, and only about 20 minutes of that is really funny, but that 20 minutes is worth the price of admission. I, however, would do everything in your power to make sure your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, maid, or whatever woman you care about doesn’t go see it with you. Why? Well, let’s just say that one of two things is going to happen: 1) you are going to rupture your spleen attempting not to laugh at some the outrageously disgusting lines because you don’t want to have to explain to your loved one how in the world you find this funny, much less that you have had that exact conversation at some point in your life (i.e. Friday night at Front Page News); or 2) you won’t be able to control yourself and she will never look at you the same after you have fallen out of your chair laughing at some of these lines. Trust me on this one. And yes, I happen to care for my maid very much, thank you!

  • The kids from Georgia won the Little League World Series. I guess I should feel some sense of pride about this, but I can’t bring myself to care about Major League baseball anymore, much less Little League baseball. It’s too bad because it’s not often a team from Georgia actually wins something.

  • Speaking of Major League baseball, I saw Roger Clemens in an AT&T wireless commercial for the first time tonight. I immediately sent an email to my firm’s IT guy and told him had to switch my cell phone carrier to Verizon. Is it a little pathetic that I can hate a man so much when I have never been in the same room with? I mean, I’m pretty certain the Rocket has never been to Willy’s and said, “I will not get the nachos with extra jalapenos because that is how The WAD likes his.” Still, I can’t help myself, I hate him. I just thought you should know.

  • Anybody else catch the Teen Choice Awards last night? Anybody? Really? Stop judging me!

  • Wednesday night I’m participating in my annual fantasy football draft. We’ve got fourteen teams, and 13 of the owners graduated from Tech and Fite graduated from OU. Never before have two rookies gone in the first round of a fantasy draft, but the Calvin Johnson / Adrian Peterson first round combo is a mortal lock…buy stock in it.

Make sure to check in tomorrow for a recap of this week’s “Entourage.” Not a great episode, but still plenty of stuff to talk about.