Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday with Fite

Good to see the WAD up and running again. Let's check the news...

Harlem residents aren't too happy with the Yankees. Apparently the team that Ruth built has started selling Yankees hats tailored to the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings. In a related story, 85 year old Maurice Greenberg was gunned down at 125th and Amsterdam. Mr. Greenberg's wife, Barbra, said "he was attacked by a bunch of boys wearing blue hats. After they killed him, they urinated on his red Yankees hat. I just don't understand."

It looks like Mr. Lohan isn't a runaway winner of the 2007 father of the year award. Mike Vick's dad (who, inexplicably, has a last name of Boddie) told the AJC that he warned his son about dogfighting. For me, the most interesting thing about this Vick situation is that "dogfighting" is in my word processor's spell check dictionary.

I really think ESPN is missing the boat, this could be some great TV.

The worldwide leader put together a list of the 100 greatest beatdowns in history. I think they missed a few: Kermit Washington v. Tomjanovich; Harding v. Kerrigan; Miami v. Florida International; and Shawn Kemp v. birth control.

Start the timer, only two weeks until football.

Have a nice day,