Thursday, August 30, 2007

College football is here

Tonight is the night - college football is finally here. Easily the best game of the night is LSU at Mississippi State. There was a hidden gem in espn's preview. LSU head coach Les Miles gave the best backhanded compliment of this young season: MSU is "conceptually very good."

The pros have MSU getting 18, but that won't be enough. Despite my intense hatred of Lester Miles, his team is both conceptually and actually better than MSU. This one will be over after the first quarter, but I'll keep watching since I continue to deny that Boise State has a football team.

Oklahoma State v. Georgia
My upset alert for this weekend is OSU over Georgia. OSU's offense is good, and they'll have the best QB, RB and WR on the field on Saturday. Georgia giving up 6.5 to a vastly superior offense is just too much to pass up. Having said all that, I'm rooting for Georgia to win. Now that Dunn is financially tied to the Bulldogs' Sagarin rating, I'd like to see them do well just to watch Dunn's love of money and loathing of Georgia collide into an explosion of Beam-scented bits of Skoal and Cheeto.

Georgia Tech v. Notre Dame
Now for my analysis of Tech/N.D. Let's start with last year's game. Tech should have won, but they were outcoached by "nice buttkicking" Charlie Weis. Bitch about the refs all you want, they got outcoached, I saw it live. (Disclaimer - what I saw came after a day of drinking, part of which was spent in a deep freezer with Shalloway.) Notre Dame has a better coach and God on its side, those are two big advantages.

Both teams are breaking in new quarterbacks, but again the advantage goes to Notre Dame. It's always easier to make your first start at home (unless you're Paul Thompson). At least you don't have to suffer through another year with Reggie Ball.

Even though I think N.D. has the advantages at coach and QB, I still think they'll lose. Why? Weis's QB secrecy game is gimmicky. If he's so desperate that he needs to resort to this type of game, that means he doesn't have great confidence in his starter or his team.

N.D. also lost too many skill players. Tech's RB, former Sooner Tashard Choice, is a stud. He'll be running all day behind one of the best O-lines in the country. Put that together with Tech's defense, and they'll win this game Baltimore Ravens style.

Links of the Day
  • Bill Murray + booze + golf cart = DUI.
  • Did you forget about O.J.'s book? You can pre-order it now.
  • Next year's Dancing With the Stars will have Mark Cuban, Floyd Mayweather, and Wayne Newton. Sweet.
  • Strippers can tell if things are real or fake.
  • OU is looking for NCAA approval to allow a booster to fund a recruit's funeral. In a related story, Stoops said the university would not sue to recover Mr. Mitchell's signing bonus.
  • Reggie Ball is on IR for the Lions, so he won't play this year. Strangely enough, five good minutes of googling couldn't find his injury, it was always listed as (undisclosed). I suspect pusitis.
  • Here's a list of the top 500 current NFL players. With 53 man rosters and 32 teams, this list covers roughly the top third. Calvin Johnson checks in at number 63 (the highest rookie). Mike Vick is at 214, and Adrian Peterson at 243.
  • Dog chewed Vick cards sold for $7,400 on eBay.
  • Stats can't get enough of the LLWS, so he sent this along.