Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thank You

In my life, I have found that it really is true that all good things eventually must come to an end. Whether it be your adolescence, high school, college, law school/graduate school, your first real job, the first year of marriage when your wife still lets you touch her…whatever times of your life you identify as the good times do, unfortunately, always come to an end. And, it’s with very mixed emotions that I am announcing today that the end has arrived for what I will always remember as a truly great time in my life. That’s right folks, it’s been a great 15 month run, but the time has come for me to put an end to the WAD. My plan is to write an NFL Playoff preview for Friday, a National Championship Game Preview for Monday, and bring things to a close next Tuesday by publishing a running diary of the National Championship Game. After all, the running diary of last year’s Rose Bowl between Texas and USC was the most fun I’ve ever had writing an article for the WAD (in no small part because Ball and Hans were at their comedic apexes that night), so I figure it makes sense to give it one more shot before packing things up.

If you will indulge me, I do want to take a moment to make a few things very clear to all of you. First of all, I cannot say thank you enough to those of you who have taken the time to read my rambling and incoherent thoughts on a nearly daily basis over the past 15 months. When I started doing this, I was honestly hoping that this would simply provide me with a creative outlet to relieve some stress from time to time. But, because so many of you were so receptive to and supportive of what I was doing, the WAD became much more than an “outlet” for me. Honestly, the WAD has become much more than I could have ever hoped for. It’s been a place where I could share with the world my thoughts on sports, t.v., movies, gambling, and even Mexican restaurants! More importantly, however, it’s become a place where I could communicate with many of my closest friends and some completely perfect strangers. Believe it or not, the WAD has served as a vehicle to strengthen many existing friendships, and as a vehicle to develop friendships with a few folks that I had never known before the WAD. And, I can’t begin to tell you what a great conversation piece the WAD has been, especially with the ladies. Seriously, you tell a chick you’ve got a blog, and she starts undressing herself at the dinner table. It’s really amazing. Okay, so that last part about the naughty chicks isn’t true, but it should be!

I don’t want to pull a Brett Favre and over dramatize the situation, but I will just say that it has been a great run and I’m going to miss this. I feel very lucky to have written and shared so much with you all and received so much in return. I’m eternally grateful to Robbie Fisher for pushing me to start the WAD and for all his technical work on the blog. Without Fisher, none of this would have ever happened. Also, I have to say a big thanks to Hans for putting up with me laying on the couch and typing at all hours of the night and constantly running language by him to get his thoughts. I’m sure that he is looking forward to being able to watch television without the sounds of me banging the keyboard in the background. And to everybody else, especially Fite, Stats, and Andy “Huge” Smith, thanks for all the comments and great comedy. You guys were the stars of this show, and this day would have come a lot sooner if ya’ll hadn’t continued to push me forward with your extensive comments and your emails with all the great column ideas and general suggestions.

I feel that I must tell you that I haven’t come to this decision lightly. I have been considering and struggling with this for a couple of months now, and I finally decided that the end of the college football season seemed like the logical time to pull the plug. The fact is that for the first 9 or 10 months, the ideas just seemed to flow, and I truly got a rush out of writing every article. Over the past five months or so, however, the ideas have become tougher to come by, and as a result, the columns became less frequent, and honestly, the quality over the past few months hasn’t been what I would like. Coupling that with the fact that I am now staring down the barrel of my 30th birthday in eleven and a half months, and I feel a great sense of urgency to accomplish several personal and professional goals in 2007. Unfortunately, to do so, I feel that I must cut some things out of my life and add some others. And, at the end of the day, the best thing for me is to close the curtain on the WAD.

All that being said, I think we’ve developed a really great camaraderie among the readers, as well as a great place to share youtube clips, hilarious athlete and celebrity quotes, wise and not so wise gambling advice, and lots of other things that help distract us from the realities of our jobs and lives, and I would really like to see this continue. Therefore, I’m issuing one last challenge to the WAD Nation: Somebody needs to set up a site where we can all still go to talk smack and share comedy with one another. What I envision is a place where everybody has access to the username and password and can post at will. You could have unlimited posts in a day from a multitude of guys. So, what you would have is basically a message board for the WAD Nation, and I wouldn’t have the stress of having to come up with articles or the responsibility of monitoring the comments and posts. Not that I’ve given it any thought, but you could call it something like…or not, whatever you think is best! Actually, I don’t care what you call it, but I’d love to see somebody take the initiative and set it up. I’m not volunteering for this duty, but I sure hope somebody does.

Okay, I think I’ve dragged this on long enough. Most of you probably stopped reading 300 words ago, but for those of you that didn’t, let me just again say the sincerest possible thank you for the past 15 months. Even though we never grew to a huge readership, I can’t tell you how gratifying and humbling it is to know that all you guys were reading, commenting, and supporting me this whole time. It’s been more than’s been a life experience, and I owe it all to you.