Thursday, December 21, 2006

Triumphant Return Thursday

I’ve often asked myself what could be worse than endless days of billing hours and pouring over legal research. Well, after two straight days of coughing, laying on the couch with a fever, and watching 7 episodes of “Law & Order”, as well as “John Tucker Must Die”, and “Herbie Fully Loaded”, I have my answer. On the bright side, the past two days haven’t been a total loss. I did get a text message about 8 p.m. last night from my good buddy Rudy containing these blessed words, “Reggie Ball academically ineligible.” Sure, it’s 4 years too late, but it’s something, right? Okay, enough about me, here’s a few observations followed by a long lost Thursday tradition, the caption contest…

  • Has anybody had a better week than George Karl? First, he gets to rip Isiah’s punk ass publicly, then he lands A.I.! I don’t know if this trade gives the Nuggets a chance to win the Title, but I am undoubtedly rooting for them.

  • Since I brought up Isiah, let me go around my elbow to get to my ass to say, I can’t stand Nate Robinson. I didn’t think I could respect him any less than I did after his 22 missed dunks at last year’s dunk contest, but the way he antagonized that brawl in MSG proved me wrong. He sucks, and the Knicks suck, and yes, Isiah sucks.

  • You got to love the NFL, Shawne Merriman gets a four game suspension for steroids and still gets an invite to the Pro Bowl.

  • Finally, tonight could mark the last game for Brett Favre at Lambeau Field. Sure, I’ve given Favre a lot of crap the past two years, but the fact of the matter is that he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and in an era of shit for quarterbacks, I long for the days when gunslingers like Elway, Montana, Marino, and Favre trolled the sidelines. Now, we’ve got Peyton & Brady (and, maybe Brees), and that’s about it. At any rate, tonight is an event. It’s bigger than Favre, it’s bigger than the Packers, it’s bigger than the NFL, it’s bigger than sports. If this is the last time Favre crawls under center at Lambeau, it will be the symbolic farewell to an era gone by, an era when quarterbacks were actually expected to win games for you instead of not just lose them…a farewell to a better era.

Now, here’s the triumphant return of the caption contest (courtesy of the warped mind of Stats):