Friday, December 01, 2006

For Really Poor Informational Purposes Only

I won’t bore you with the details about how busy I am, blah, blah, blah…. , but the fact of the matter is that I am really jammed up at the real job, so you are getting the j.v. effort today…just the picks and only the picks. But, before I get to that I have two things that I have to share:

1) Karen from “The Office” is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy hotter than Pam. I don’t even know how anybody could debate this; and

2) Big props go out to Vines for his commitment to the Bruins. I mean, how can you not admire a guy that buys a last minute plane ticket to fly from NYC to LA for less than 30 hours just to get canned and watch his Bruins face off against the Trojans when his Bruins are a two touchdown underdog and he doesn’t even have a ticket to the game, and he just traveled to South Bend a few weeks ago only to have these same Bruins break his heart? I’m not sure if it’s commitment to the booze or the Bruins, but either way, it demands your respect.

Okay, here’s the money makers:


1) UConn +28 @ Louisville

2) Wake Forest +2.5 @ Ga. Tech (in Jacksonville)

3) Army +20.5 @ Navy (in Philly)

4) California -29 vs. Stanford

5) Fresno St. +4 @ SJSU

6) UCLA +13.5 vs. USC (They have to cover for Vines, right?)

7) Arkansas +3 @ Florida (in Atlanta)

8) Rutgers +10 @ WVU

9) Oklahoma -3.5 vs. Nebraska (in Kansas City)

10) Oregon St. @ Hawaii OVER 71


1) St. Louis -6.5 vs. Arizona

2) Atlanta +1 @ Washington

3) N.E. -13.5 vs. Detroit

4) Indy -7.5 @ Tenn.

5) Cleveland +5 vs. K.C.

6) Minnesota +9 @ Chicago

7) Green Bay PICK vs. J-E-T-S

8) Buffalo +6 vs. San Diego

9) S.F. +7 @ N.O.

10) Miami -1 vs. Jacksonville

11) Houston +3 @ Oakland

12) NYG +3.5 @ Dallas

13) Tampa +7.5 @ Pittsburgh

14) Seattle +3.5 @ Denver

15) Carolina -3 @ Philly