Friday, December 08, 2006

For Informational Purposes Only

It’s been a long week on many fronts, and I figure the only way to bring it to a close is to offer up some terrible gambling advice. Before that, however, let me just give the WAD Nation big props for a great debate over the BCS this week. And, I’m going to take the last word on that topic: All of America should be rooting for Ohio State against Florida because Jim Tressell is all class and integrity, and Urban Meyer is a huge prick with a bullshit offense. Okay, glad I got that off my chest. Here’s the goods:

1) Atlanta -3 @ Tampa - The Falcons have everything to play for and the Bucs have nothing to play for. The Falcons HAVE to step up, right?

2) Baltimore +3 @ K.C. - Who knows? When in doubt, take the points.

3) Indy -1 @ JAX - The Colts can’t lose three out of four, right?

4) Minnesota +1.5 @ Detroit - I’d rather watch “The View” than this game.

5) New England -3 @ Miami - I need Brady and the Pats D to light it up for the fantasy squad. Good things.

6) Carolina -3 vs. NYG - Two desperate teams…take the home squad.

7) Cincy -11 vs. Oakland - Christmas comes early.

8) Washington -1 vs. Philly - I did pick the Skins to win the Super Bowl after all.

9) Tennessee +1 @ Houston - Vince Young wins football games. Have you not figured this out yet?

10) S.F. -4 vs. Green Bay - Put a fork in Favre and the Packers…It’s OVER!

11) Seattle -3 @ Arizona - Great win for the Cards last week. Two weeks in a row is too much to ask.

12) Buffalo +3.5 @ N.Y.J. - I hate the Jets.

13) San Diego -7.5 vs. Denver - This Jay Cutler thing looks like an awesome idea!

14) New Orleans +7.5 @ Dallas - It took a while, but Reggie Bush has arrived.

15) Chicago -6 @ St. Louis - How can you go wrong taking a road favorite on Monday night?