Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WAD Rankings

1) Ohio State (#1 AP, #1 USA Today, #1 BCS) - What more can you say? Nobody can argue with the Buckeyes at #1.

2) Michigan (#2 AP, #3 USA Today, #2 BCS) - So, the number 2 team in the country goes on the road to the number 1 team and comes out on the short end of an epic three point loss. I’m pretty sure that means that they are AT LEAST the second best team in the country.

3) Arkansas (#5 AP, # 5 USA Today, #6 BCS) - No other one loss team sports the resume the Hogs do. Only one loss and it came to USC in the first game of the year. Since then, they have run through the SEC undefeated and looked dominant at Auburn and at home against Tennessee. With the Bayou Bengals calling on Saturday and a date with the Gators in SEC Championship Game, the Hogs have a lot of work left to do. If they make it through December 2 undefeated, that’s the only way I will be okay without an OSU/Michigan rematch.

4) USC (#3 AP, #2 USA Today, #3 BCS) – I don’t love the Trojans, but I like them better than any of the remaining one loss teams. They have too many athletes for Notre Dame, and I just don’t think the Urban Meyer offense stands up against athletic defenses. For example, in their marquee games this year they have mustered only 21 points at UT, 23 at home against LSU despite 5 LSU turnovers, 17 in their loss to Auburn, 21 against UGA (only 14 offensive), 25 against Vanderbilt, and only 17 against South Carolina. So, to justify USC’s ranking, I just gave you all the reasons why Florida shouldn’t be ranked above them. I’m not sure that’s exactly a resounding endorsement for the Trojans.

5) Florida (#4 AP, #4 USA Today, #4 BCS) - Well, they aren’t as good as USC, but they are better than Notre Dame, and they are probably better than West Virginia. So, they are #5. Got to love that logic.

6) West Virginia (#7 AP, #7 USA Today, #7 BCS) – Look, I know they blew it at Louisville. I mean, they laid an egg. No doubt about it. But, the fact remains that they have some of the quickest and fastest ball carriers you have ever seen. Consequently, their offense is nearly unstoppable. I really like this team, and I think they can beat anybody in the country on any given night. But, the fact remains that they probably aren’t better than the five teams I have ranked ahead of them.

7) Wisconsin (#10 AP, #9 USA Today, #8 BCS) - I haven’t actually seen the Badgers play one play this season, but I’m doing all I can to delay Notre Dame as long as possible.

8) LSU (#9 AP, #8 USA Today, #10 BCS) - That’s right, I’m putting a two loss team ahead of Notre Dame. I did it. Here’s the deal: Yes, they struggled against Ole Miss this weekend, but LSU is a damn good football team. They’ve lost two games, one at Auburn, and one at Florida. There’s no shame in that. Plus, answer this question: If LSU played Notre Dame on a neutral field, do you think Notre Dame would beat them? Yea, me neither.

9) Notre Dame (#6 AP, #6 USA Today, #5 BCS) - Alright, I owe you an explanation of why I’m hating on the Irish so much. Listen, I know they have a great offense, but the fact of the matter is that they have a terrible secondary, and they have only played three teams all year that have had the ability to exploit that: 1) Georgia Tech; 2) Michigan State; and 3) Michigan. Well, Tech could have done it, but the whole 5’6” quarterback with no discernible touch got in the way. Michigan State actually did it, but because they are Michigan State, they still found a way to lose. And, Michigan was the only team on the Irish’s schedule that was actually equipped to exploit their secondary and competent enough to pull it off. And, ultimately, when it comes down to it, I saw this team with my own two eyes, and I saw Maryland with my own two eyes, and Notre Dame is not much better than Maryland. Therefore, I think they are lucky to be ranked this high.

10) Oklahoma (#13 AP, #14 USA Today, #15 BCS) – Would you want to play the Sooners right now? I don’t think Louisville, Boise State, Auburn, Rutgers, or even Texas would want a piece of Stoops’ boys right now. Plus, don’t forget that the Sooners have actually only lost one game this season. The Oregon game wasn’t as much a loss as it was a felony.