Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Musings

Let me start the week off by apologizing for my poor performance on The WAD last week. I mean, my first week back from vacation and no new rankings, no college or NFL picks, and not so much as a peep after Tuesday. Well, on the bright side, if I have ever wronged you, or if you have ever wished bad things upon me (it’s okay, you aren’t alone), you can take comfort in the knowledge that I had one of the most heinous and debilitating stomach viruses/bacteria/parasites you can imagine last week. To put it in perspective, it was probably the third worst stomach battle of my life. If you know me well, you know that’s saying something. At any rate, I’m functioning at about 80% right now, I’m well on the road to recovery, and I’m anxious to make up for sub-par showing with a strong week. So, let’s get it started with some musings:

  • The aforementioned health issues actually kept me away from Bobby Dodd Stadium on Saturday as the Jackets closed out their home schedule. It really hurt to miss this game because it was Reggie Ball’s last ever game on the Flats, and I have waited four very long years for that moment!

  • The Michigan/Ohio State game didn’t live up to the hype…it surpassed the hype. It was as exciting a game as I’ve seen all season. Granted, at no point did I ever really believe that Michigan was going to win the game (Troy Smith was just too sharp and the home crowd was just too much), but I was still thoroughly entertained by every play. Now that it’s over, the voters and the computers have to ask themselves one simple question (okay, I know that computers can’t actually ask themselves questions): Is the goal of the BCS to match the two best teams in the country in the National Championship Game? If the answer is yes, then I think the Buckeyes and Wolverines clearly have to face off again. Going into the game, however, I was adamantly opposed to the idea of a rematch. My fear was that it wouldn’t make any sense to have one team win on Saturday and then turn around and lose 51 days later and be left with nothing. Well, that fear is still prevalent, but the fact of the matter is that the two best teams faced off in Columbus on Saturday, and the home team won by three points. Does that mean they are definitively better than the Wolverines? I don’t think so. In fact, if the game had been played in Ann Arbor, I’m inclined to think that it would have come out the other way. So, let’s tee it up on a neutral field and find out who’s number 1. Not to mention, unless Arkansas runs the table, I’m just not buying that any other team out there has a convincing argument that they are more deserving of a spot in Glendale than the Wolverines.

  • If you were the AD at Miami, would you have even let Larry Coker on the plane home from Charlottesville? That is a simply unforgivable loss. Let the Spurrier/Richt/Schiano rumors begin!

  • Has anybody in the country done a better coaching job than Bob Stoops this season? How do you lose your starting quarterback on the eve of the season and your all world tailback midway through the season and still end up with what is going to be at least a 10 win season? You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see Bob Stoops staring back at you and then you go piss excellence. That’s how you do it.

  • Which quarterback is going to be the first to assassinate somebody, John David Booty or John Parker Wilson?

  • Here’s the world we live in: Tony Romo out duels Peyton Manning, Brett Favre gets shut out in a showdown game at Lambeau, the Dolphins won a game with negative rushing yards, and Joe Gibbs might be doing the worst coaching job in the NFL! Next thing you know Steve McNair is going to be the quarterback of an 8-2 team.

  • Either Greg Knapp or Mike Vick has to go right now, and Mike Vick makes $130 million, so if I was Mr. Knapp I would start polishing up the resume.

  • I’m actually watching the Broncos/Chargers game as I’m writing this, and I just keep asking myself one question: How good is Mike Shannahan that he can win this much with Jake Plummer at quarterback? Or, maybe the better question is how inept are the other coaches in the league that they can’t find a way to beat Jake Plummer?

  • I really feel bad for D.F. McNabb…I really do. I mean, sure, I did just go out and buy a Titans jersey out of a deep feeling of appreciation, but I do feel bad.