Thursday, November 02, 2006

For Informational Purposes Only

First things first this morning….I’m taking a vacation. After 26 straight months of constant worrying about billing hours, drafting briefs, answering discovery, and of course, my personal favorite, reviewing documents…I’m taking some time off. I’m hopping on a plane and heading across the pond for ten days in Eastern Europe. I’m going to take in the sights, sounds, and history of Prague and Krakow. Not to worry, however, The WAD will still be here in my absence. I’ve given the keys to Fite and Fisher, and they have free reign to post new material any time they want. And, anybody whose got anything they want to share, send it their way and they can decide whether to post it or not. In addition, I’m pretty sure I will find an internet café from time to time, and I will take the time to give updates on my travels and experiences. Can you imagine what I could possibly write without constant access to SportsCenter,, Bill Simmons, Peter King, and worst of all, my DVR? Yea, me neither. But, I’m pretty sure it will be entertaining? I mean, just the sight of me trying to find a place in Prague that has ESPNU to watch the Tech/N.C. State game at 3 a.m. Sunday morning should be entertaining, right?

Before I head across the pond, I have one last piece of business to attend to…this week’s picks. As always, if you take my advice, you should probably have your head examined:


1) Boise State -22 v. Fresno State - Remember last year when Fresno State came within an eyelash and a Reggie Bush miracle of upsetting then #1 USC? Well, they’ve gone 1-9 since then. BSU is 9-1 over the same period. I’ll take the Broncos.

2) West Virginia +1 @ Louisville - I think the Mountaineers are the real deal. I can’t say the same for Louisville.

3) Virginia +12.5 @ FSU - With the wheels coming off like they have in Tallahassee, how in the world can you not take more than 10 points against them?

4) Maryland +17 @ Clemson - I can’t figure either one of these teams out, so I’m taking the points.

5) Wisconsin -7 vs. Penn St. – The Badgers struggled last week, but they are seven points better than Penn St.

6) Texas Tech vs. Baylor OVER 57 - no turning back now!

7) Indiana +6 @ Minnesota - In case you hadn’t noticed, Indiana isn’t completely horrible this season, but Minnesota, on the other hand, is atrocious. I’ll take the 6.

8) Navy -11 @ Duke - Duke sucks. Need I say more?

9) UGA -7 @ Kentucky - UGA is due for a breakout. They showed some signs in the second half against Florida, and I see no reason why they should struggle with a terrible Kentucky team.

10) Auburn -31 vs. Arkansas State - give me one reason you think Arkansas State can stay within 31 points in this game? Really, I’m waiting…

11) Tennessee +3 vs. LSU - This is an absolute must win for both teams, and it should be a war. But, I can’t imagine how LSU, with Les Miles at the helm, is favored at UT.

12) USC -28.5 @ Stanford - Let the march to the 2007 National Championship begin!

13) Texas -17 vs. Oklahoma St. - Look for the Horns to pick up where they left off in the second half against Texas Tech.

14) Va. Tech -2.5 @ Miami - After the Clemson win, we know that Va. Tech still has pride. We can’t say the same for the ‘Canes.

15) Cal -17 vs. UCLA – The Bruins are still reeling from the near miss in South Bend, and Cal needs to erase the bad taste of the Washington game out of their mouth.


1) Atlanta -5 @ Detroit - Are you serious? Has anybody been paying attention to what Mike Vick and the Falcons’ offense has been doing recently?

2) Cincinnati +3 @ Baltimore – The Bengals can’t afford to lose this game. The Ravens can. Therefore, the Bengals are the pick. That’s how it works in the NFL.

3) Dallas -3 @ Washington – Romo! Romo! Romo!

4) N.Y.G. -13.5 vs. Houston – Good team/bad team. What choice do you have?

5) Chicago -13.5 vs. Miami - See #4 above.

6) San Diego -12.5 vs. Cleveland - See #4 & #5 above.

7) Denver +3 @ Pittsburgh - Roethlisberger is still playing quarterback for the Steelers, right?

8) New England -3 vs. Indy - Brady vs. Peyton in Prime Time. I can’t say no to the Pats. I just can’t quit them.

Enjoy your weekend everybody. Hold down the fort for me while I’m gone, and I’ll be sure to check in from the other side of the world!