Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Great Debate

Sunday, Chris Collinsworth and Jerome Bettis (between acts of oral man love on one another) both argued vehemently that the Steelers would definitely make the playoffs. Personally, I think they are on crack, and I refuse to let one stellar performance against a Huard brother on the road convince me otherwise. So, what do you think? Will Big Stiff and the defending Super Bowl Thieves make the playoffs? Also, just for the hell of it, who do you think is the best team in the NFL right now?

That's a two parter...hope you UGA grads don't get confused! (Sorry, how could I not?)

Also, as you could probably tell from yesterday's lack of a column and today's brief work, the real job BLOWS right now. But, not to worry, we've got a special guest appearance on the WAD tomorrow to discuss the Tigers and their improbable World Series run, and I will be back trying to recover the past two disastrous weeks of prognostications on Friday.