Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Great Debate

Today's Great Debate brings together a combination of two of the staples of The WAD: sports and television. Last night marked the debut of "Friday Night Lights". It gave us the perfect combination of "Varsity Blues" and the original "Friday Night Lights". We have the new coach faced with the task of not screwing up the best team in Texas. We have the football obsessed small West Texas town that cares as much about Friday night as it does Sunday morning. We had 26 year old actresses playing really hot jail bait. We had the star quarterback going down to a devastating injury. And, we had the little known backup coming in and leading the team to the improbable last second comeback victory. In short, we had an incredibly predictable and over done story line. Yet, I found myself thoroughly enjoying every second. So, it begs the question:

Does this show have a chance? Is there any way it can come up with enough story lines to sustain a television series, or did it shoot its load in Episode 1. Since I know you all watched the show, I feel confident that everybody should have something to say about this. So, let's have it.