Friday, October 27, 2006

For Informational Purposes Only

This is the week we turn the college picks around and take the NFL picks to the next level. Or, this could be the week where the bottom falls out completely. Either way, it should be entertaining!


1) UTEP +14 @ Tulsa – Here’s your obscure stat of the week: the road team is 7-3 against the spread in the last ten meetings in this series. With a stat like that, how can you not take 14 points? Roll Tide….(Have I mentioned that I find Mike Price tremendously entertaining?)

2) MSU -7 @ Indiana – The only thing more infuriating than being a Georgia Tech fan would be being a Michigan St. fan. That being said, you’ve got to believe that their dramatic comeback last week will give them some kind of momentum. And, you can’t forget that Indiana is awful. Then again, I said the same thing before the Iowa game.

3) N.C. State +2 @ UVA – I know N.C. State has been atrocious this year, but they have talent. I mean, they have athletes all over the field. UVA, on the other hand, is one of the worst teams I’ve seen in recent memories. I understand they have gotten better over the past few weeks, but I just can’t erase the memories of what I saw in person earlier this season. So, when faced with two bad teams, why not take the one with better athletes that also happens to be getting points? How can you go wrong?

4) Northwestern +30 @ Michigan – Michigan hasn’t beaten anybody by 30 all season and they’ve played worse teams than Northwestern. For Michigan to win this game by 30, they would have to hold N.W. to less than 10, and I just don’t think that will happen. Look for a nice 41 – 17 win by the Wolverines.

5) Vandy -9 @ Duke – Vandy won in Athens two weeks ago, so you know they aren’t horrible. You just can’t say the same for Duke. (By the way, you have to totally disregard last week’s performance by Duke. I mean, Miami left nearly 20% of their scholarship players at home last week.)

6) Colorado +2 @ Kansas – Colorado is 1-7, and they have lost 9 of their last 10 games as a program. But, they have been getting better as the season has progressed, including a 30-6 beat down of Texas Tech two weeks ago. Kansas, on the other hand, has lost four in a row and shows no signs of getting better. I’m giving the Buffs the benefit of the doubt in this one.

7) Miami +5 @ Georgia Tech - Who the hell knows what is going to happen in this game? I for one, however, would never in a million years lay these points, so I’m going the other way by default. (Just as an aside, if Tech loses this game, watch the wheels come flying off and watch Chan Gailey start circulating his resume quickly.)

8) Wake -8.5 @ UNC - UNC is the worst team in America. Do I really need to say any more?

9) USC -11 @ Oregon St. – One of these weeks USC is going to explode and I’m not going to be on the wrong end of it when they do.

10) Florida -13.5 v. UGA – The thought of those UGA quarterbacks facing this Florida defenses gives me a tingly feeling. Seriously, UGA may not have 50 yards passing in this game.

11) Maryland +4.5 v. FSU – Don’t look now, but Round Ralph might just have things cooking again in College Park. They have two losses, but one is to W.V.U. and the other was a heartbreaker in Atlanta. Granted, they are just now getting to the heart of their schedule (FSU, Clemson, Miami, B.C., and Wake), but they seem to be coming together now, and they’ve got a chance to win 7 or 8 games. In other words, they might be going places. FSU, on the other hand, is going nowhere. And, I couldn’t be happier about that.

12) Texas Tech +10.5 v. Texas – I’ve got a gut feeling that Mike Leach pulls off something special this weekend.

13) Texas Tech v. Texas OVER 56

14) Tennessee -3 @ South Carolina – This has sucker bet written all over it, but how can you not bite? Seriously, you are essentially picking the Vols to win against a seriously inferior team.

15) UConn +19.5 @ Rutgers – Listen, I’m loving the Rutgers story just as much as the next guy, but I’m long way away from being willing to take them giving 19.5 points to anybody.


1) Arizona +4 @ Green Bay - Arizona is coming off their worst moment of the season and Green Bay is coming off their best. So, Arizona should win this game. Isn’t that how it works in the NFL.

2) Cincy -3.5 v. Atlanta – I’m not feeling good at all about the Falcons defense, and now that Ocho Cinco has declared war on D. Hall, I’m feeling even worse. I just have a feeling that Ocho Cinco is going to explode.

3) Houston +3 @ Tennessee – Two horrible teams…take the points.

4) Jacksonville +6.5 @ Philly – Two teams desperate for a win…this has close game written all over it.

5) Seattle @ K.C. OVER 38.5 – This number just seems really low to me. How’s that for insight.

6) Tampa + 9 @ N.Y.G. – Both teams are coming off two straight big wins, and I think the Giants will win the game, but with Tampa coming together and the Giants coming off a short week, I think it’s going to be closer than the experts think.

7) St. Louis +9.5 @ San Diego – I just can’t turn down 9.5 points for a 4-2 team.

8) Indy +3 @ Denver – And, I can’t turn down an unbeaten team getting any points.

9) N.Y.J. +1.5 @ Cleveland – Cleveland sucks. That’s all I’ve got.

10) Dallas @ Carolina OVER 41 – Ladies and Gentlemen, Tony Romo vs. Jake Delhomme…set your DVR now! In all sincerity, I think the Cowboys are going to be so relieved not to have Bledsoe under center that they might throw up 30 on their own.

11) New England -2 @ Minnesota – The Patriots and Tom Brady in Prime Time…pick against them at your own risk!