Friday, October 13, 2006

For Informational Purposes Only

First off, thanks to Fite for keeping things chugging along this week. I’ve had a long one at the office and it is, quite frankly, not going to get much better for the next couple of weeks. So, please bear with me, and I will do my best to write as much as possible, and I’m sure Fite will keep pitching in, and we’ll keep trucking along. Oh, one more thing: I just finished watching the second episode of “Friday Night Lights”, and ladies and gentlemen, I am confident in saying that we have a certifiable future Hall of Famer on our hands. I will write more about it later, but for now just trust me when I say that all my fears after episode 1 have been dispelled in a hurry. This show is something special, and you better go ahead and jump on the bandwagon before it fills up.

Enough of the intro, here are this week’s gems:


1) UCF +10.5 vs. Pitt - It doesn’t take a Master’s Degree from NYU to whoop the Weinstaches’ ass.

2) Iowa -19.5 @ Indiana - Drew Tate and the Hawkeyes are tuning up for their chance at redemption against the Wolverines.

3) N.C. State -3 vs. Wake - Wake is going to be devastated after last week’s heartbreaker against Clemson, and N.C. State appears to be launching their annual Save the Chest drive.

4) WVU -25 vs. Syracuse – Good team/bad team. It worked last week for the Mountaineers at Mississippi St. Why mess with a good thing?

5) Vandy +13.5 @ UGA - Hey, if Colorado and Ole Miss can hang with the Dawgs, and if UT can score 112 points in a half, why not back Vandy in this one? Plus, I can’t pass up a chance to send my buddy Zach into a homicidal rage.

6) Texas Tech @ Colorado OVER 48.5 – any explanation needed?

7) Ohio St. -14 @ Michigan St. - The Spartans are an absolute disaster. And, OSU is the number 1 team in the nation for God’s sake!

8) Maryland -3 @ UVA – I’ve seen them both in person, and Maryland is a lot better than UVA…a lot!

9) Missouri -2 @ Tx. A&M - Seriously, what the hell was Dennis Franchione thinking when he left Bama? By the way, was Brad Smith a big enough star for the whole “Ewing Theory” thing to be at play here?

10) UCLA @ Oregon OVER 52 - It’s the Pac-10, isn’t it?

11) Arizona @ Stanford OVER 38.5 - See #10 above.

12) Cal -8.5 @ WSU - Did you see Cal devour Oregon last week? I did, and I’m a believer.

13) Texas -27.5 vs. Baylor - Doesn’t Texas always win games like this by 50? Am I missing something?

14) Auburn +2 vs. Florida - Call it a gut feeling, but one team is riding high and feeling pretty good about itself, and the other team is embarrassed and angry. And, by the way, the angry team happens to be pretty damn good.

15) UTEP -12.5 vs. Tulane - Roll Tide! I’m sorry, I just love Mike Price.

Yes, I just picked nine favorites…five of them on the road. And, you wonder why I’m under .500 picking college games?


1) Detroit +1 vs. Buffalo - Seems like as good as time as any to back a team from Detroit.

2) Carolina +3 @ Baltimore - Last time I checked you need to score points to win a football game.

3) Cincy -5.5 @ Tampa - Good team/Bad team. Just can’t lay off.

4) NYG +3 @ Atlanta – My two favorite teams. I hate it when they play. My allegiance, of course, is clearly with the Falcons, but I just think the Giants are a better team.

5) Kansas City +7 @ Pittsburgh – taking 7 points against Big Stiff. I feel a little tingly inside.

6) Seattle -3 @ St. Louis – Sure, the Rams have played well this season, but the Seahawks are possibly the best team in the NFC, and they are coming off a bye week. Sounds like a recipe for success.

7) Denver -15 vs. Oakland – At this point, how can you not?

8) Chicago -10.5 @ Arizona - I don’t think the Bears defense is exactly who you want to see when you are making your second career start at quarterback? Not to mention, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the next Brett Favre is now starting at quarterback for the Bears. And yes, I am now officially the President of the Rex Grossman fan club.