Friday, October 06, 2006

For Informational Purposes Only

The President may have made it harder for you to gamble, but I know you will still find a way. So, I figure it’s still my obligation to give you the much coveted WAD Weekend Picks:


1) Louisville -30 @ MTSU - Unless it’s Southern California, it’s always a good idea to pick against a directional school.

2) Wake Forest +17 vs. Clemson - Sure, they may have lost their starting quarterback and tailback, but the Deacons are 5-0, and Jim Grobe is one of the best game day coaches in America. I’d be tempted to take the points even if this was your typical Wake team, and this is not your typical Wake team.

3) Syracuse +7 vs. Pitt - Syracuse in the Dome against Weinstache? Yes please.

4) Miami -19 vs. UNC - Let’s get one thing straight: If Miami can’t beat this team by more than 19 at home, we can officially pronounce them dead. Is that a reason to lay the points? Probably not, but who really needs a reason?

5) Indiana +8 @ Illinois – Illinois wins their first game against a I-A team since Nicole Ritchie was fat and all of the sudden they are laying more than a touchdown? I’m not buying it.

6) West Virginia -21 @ Mississippi State - The old good team/bad team rule applies here. You just have to lay the points and hope for the best.

7) USC -19 vs. Washington – Sorry Ty, it’s been a nice start to the season, but Wazzou didn’t do you any favors last weekend by waking up the Trojans. Unless the Huskies plan on trotting out Mario Bailey, Marcus Tuasidfoadffsfupo, and Steve Entman, this one should be ugly early.

8) LSU +2 @ Florida - The Tigers can’t afford to lose this game.

9) Maryland +14 @ Georgia Tech - Tech is coming off a big win with the Fridge coming into town…yea, I’m scared…very scared. That being said, the team we saw last weekend was something we’ve never seen under Gailey. We played with confidence, attitude, and purpose for 60 minutes. If we do that again this week, we’ll cover this spread. I just won’t believe we can do that until I see it. But, just like last week, I will be very happy to be wrong.

10) Oklahoma +4 vs. Texas – This line is literally all over the place. People can’t seem to make up their mind what they think is going to happen in this game. One minute Texas is a 5.5 point favorite, and the next minute they are a 4 point favorite. By the time this thing kicks off it could be anywhere. All that tells me is that nobody has a clue what is going to happen. So, I’m going with the team that wants revenge for last year, revenge for Oregon, and has Stoops on the sideline.

11) Tennessee -2.5 @ UGA - Georgia has to score to win this game. Based on the last two weeks, I’m just not sure that is going to happen. I mean, a combined 28 points against Colorado and Ole Miss doesn’t exactly instill confidence.

12) Texas Tech vs. Missouri Over 55.5 - Every week boys.

13) Oregon +4.5 @ California - Oregon is going to piss on Cal. How’s that for analysis?


1) Chicago -10 vs. Buffalo - J.P. Losman against the Bears defense in Soldier Field? Yes Sirrrrrrr!

2) Carolina -8.5 vs. Cleveland – The Panthers have to break out some time, right?

3) New England -10 vs. Miami – It’s amazing how quickly things can change. A few years ago, the idea of laying 10 points against Culpepper would have scared me to death. Now? Let’s just say that I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing up in public.

4) New Orleans -6.5 vs. Tampa – Sure, it won’t be the same intensity as the first game back in the Dome, but the Saints are going to have the biggest home field advantage in the NFL all season. And, it doesn’t hurt that I have NO idea who this guy is playing quarterback for the Bucs.

5) Kansas City -3 @ Arizona - The Chiefs could have scored 60 last weekend, and the Cardinals looked AWFUL against the Falcons. This has sucker bet written all over it. What can I say? I’m a sucker.

6) Oakland @ San Francisco Under 40 - Brace yourselves kids, we could have the first 0-0 tie since the 40’s. I for one am loving the Art Shell era.

7) Dallas +3 @ Philly - T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O., T.O.!!!!!! That's right, the Captain of the All-WAD All Stars is headed back to the most vile city on the East Coast. I never thought I’d see the day that I would be rooting for the Cowboys under any circumstances, but that day has arrived.

8) San Diego -3 vs. Pittsburgh – You know that I can’t pass up a chance to bet against Big Stiff on the road. He may single handedly win this game for the Chargers. One of these days, and it may not be far off, you are all going to have to admit that I was right about this guy! And, I will expect those admissions in writing.