Friday, September 15, 2006

Week 2 Predictions

I got the season off to a roaring start last week with a sizzling 8-9 overall record. On the bright side, it could have been much worse. Trust me, it has been much, much, much worse. Let’s not dwell on the past, however, and let’s get right to it:


1) Wake Forest +6 @ UConn - Jim Grobe is the most underrated coach in America, and Micah Andrews is starting for my college fantasy team this weekend (yes, I’m playing in a college fantasy league, and it is AWESOME!!!). How can I not take Wake and the points?

2) Boston College -7 vs. BYU - B.C. is coming off a huge win, they are playing at home, they have a phenomenal coach, and BYU just traveled across the country. Unless Ty Detmer is suiting up and Lavelle Edwards is combing the sidelines, I’m taking the Eagles.

3) Cincinnati +29.5 @ Ohio St. – OSU has to have a let down of some kind don’t they? And, doesn’t this seem like the type of game that OSU always tends to struggle with? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

4) Syracuse @ Illinois Under 39 - these might be the two worst teams in major college football. I can’t imagine them scoring more than 20 combined points. Seriously, I only hope this game is not televised.

5) Georgia Tech vs. Troy Over 38 - I don’t even know what to say here. I think that if Tech scores 28 points this over will fall into place. Let’s just pray for the sake of my sanity that Tech scores at least 28 points. (For the record, my esteemed roommate and landlord, Hans, thinks Troy is the biggest lock since Hoover over Vestavia. If you don’t get that reference, you clearly aren’t watching the greatest show to hit television since season 1 of The O.C., “Two-a-Days”, and you should adjust your behavior to rectify this situation immediately).

6) LSU +3 @ Auburn - I think LSU is the best team in the SEC, and I think Jamarcus Russell may be the best player in the conference. Yea, I said it. And, if Auburn blows out LSU, I’m sure you guys will never let me forget it.

7) Michigan @ N.D. Under 49.5 - This game presented the biggest dilemma for me this week. I can’t bet on Michigan, because, as I discussed last week, I NEVER win when I bet on Michigan. And, I can’t bet on N.D. because I’m still EXTREMELY bitter that they stole a win here in Atlanta, so the only logic thing to do was to play the over/under. So, I’m banking on a slugfest. I just don’t think either one of these teams will blow the other one out, and I just can’t imagine this game being a shoot out, so I’m going under.

8) Miami +4 @ Louisville - I know Miami looked AWFUL against FSU, and I know FSU almost lost to Troy at home, and I know Louisville scores points at will, but at the end of the day can you imagine Miami starting the season 0-2? Me neither.

9) Rutgers -15.5 @ Ohio - Rutgers is good. Go ahead, read that sentence again. Seriously, this shouldn’t be that surprising. It’s been happening for a few years now. They have been getting better and better, and I think the State University of New Jersey might be poised for a breakout year.

10) Texas Tech @ TCU Over 54.5 - I told you last week, I’m taking the over in every Texas Tech game. I don’t care if it is 80, it’s just a good long term investment strategy.


1) Carolina -1 @ Minnesota - I know I preached last week about not taking road favorites, but it’s only a point! Plus, Carolina isn’t as bad as they looked last week, and Minnesota isn’t as good. Just like Miami in the college game, can you imagine the Panthers starting 0-2?

2) Indy -13.5 vs. Houston - I took Houston last week, and I should be punished for it. I’m not making that mistake again. But, if they get Reggie Bush the ball more, they could get a lot better. Oh, wait a minute. That’s right. My bad Houston fans. Please, just go back to ingesting those pills.

3) New Orleans +2.5 @ Green Bay - Well, at least the Texan’s fans can watch this game, right? Anyway, I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but there used to be a time you never bet against Brett Favre at home…ever. Now, I wouldn’t bet on Brett Favre if you held a gun to my head. Sorry Fish.

4) NYG +3 @ Philly - Must win in Week 2 for the Giants. Should be an old time NFC East war, and I expect it to be decided in overtime. How’s that for a prediction?

5) Tampa + 5.5 @ Atlanta - Let’s see, the Bucs got blown out last weekend, and the Falcons got a huge win on the road. Hmmm. What should that tell you? Well, coupled with the fact that these two teams played two games decided by a field goal last year, it should tell you to take the Bucs and the points.

6) Rams -3 @ San Francisco - I know. Another road favorite. Listen, the Rams aren’t bad, and the Niners are. So, me saying no to laying these points is harder than Michael Irvin saying no to a bag of blow on the bar at Mansion in South Beach. It just ain’t going to happen.

7) Baltimore -12 vs. Oakland - Do I think Baltimore should be favored by 12 points over anybody? Probably not. But, after Monday night’s performance by Aaron Brooks and the Raiders, I’ve decided to bet against them every week regardless of the spread. Much like Texas Tech and the over, it’s just a good long term investment.