Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday Musings? Why Not?

A few observations and questions from this season’s first full week of NFL and college football:

  • What are the odds Mississippi State goes the entire season without scoring a point? I’m guessing they are higher than the odds of them actually winning a game.

  • Calvin Johnson has four catches for two touchdowns. It’s probably best we don’t throw him the ball more. We might actually win more than 7 games.

  • If you think that Mark Richt isn’t down right giddy that Joe T. went down, you are kidding yourself. All he needed was an excuse to turn the reigns over to the true Freshman.

  • Penn State is awful. That’s the only explanation for what happened in South Bend on Saturday. And yes, Notre Dame could go undefeated and I will still refuse to believe they are a better football team than Georgia Tech.

  • It appears that the reports of Tennessee’ resurgence may have been greatly exaggerated. How in the world do you go from what they did in week one to having to hold off a two point conversion by Air Force in week 2? Ah…Phil Fulmer you are a coaching genius.

  • Anybody want to bet against Troy Smith winning the Heisman? Didn’t think so.

  • Has there ever been a better week 3 of the college football season than this coming week? We’ve got Oklahoma vs. Oregon, Miami vs. Louisville, Nebraska vs. USC, Auburn vs. LSU, and Tennessee vs. Florida. That’s at least five games with major BCS implications in week 3. Not to mention you’ve got Troy at Georgia Tech. Does it get any better than that?

  • You think I can count on 26 fantasy points from Frank Gore every week? Don’t answer that.

  • As a football fan, which of the following statements would you rather make:

    a) I can’t believe our starting quarterback is Charlie Frye

    b) I can’t believe our starting quarterback is Aaron Brooks.

    c) Please don’t shoot me. Instead, please slit my wrist and let me bleed to death slowly.

    Yea, I’m taking c) too.

  • Hey, while I’m taking shots at quarterbacks, I can’t resist the opportunity to point out that the Steelers’ offense has never looked as prolific under Big Ben as it did under Chaz Batch. That was fun.

  • Only one more quarterback to bash, and you can consider this a public service announcement on behalf of the people of Wisconsin: WALK AWAY BRETT!!! Either demand a trade or retire, but whatever you do, don’t make us endure watching another season of you completing more passes to the other team than to your own shitty team!

  • So, I went 5-6 on my college picks, and 3-3 in the NFL. Now, that’s a record Chan Gailey would be proud of.

  • Imagine this: Michael Vick gets out of the pocket, runs for first downs, makes big throws on the run, and the Falcons dominate the Panthers. I find it shocking that when you stop screwing around with Vick and let the most electrifying player in the NFL play the way he was born to play, you suddenly look like a Super Bowl contender. Shocking. $100 says Greg Knapp and Jim Mora spend the next six days trying to convince Vick to stay in the pocket. They are just that smart.

  • And, while I’m picking on Mora, I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again: There is no way his players like him. I mean, he’s the Mark Cuban of NFL coaches. I have no doubt that he goes up to the guys after every game and asks, “where are we going drinking guys? C’mon, let’s go hang out.” And, I have no doubt that the typical response is “sorry Coach, we are just heading home, but we’ll call you if we decide to do anything.” Then, of course, all the players frantically run out of the locker room and take separate cars to meet up at some place where he will never find them. (i.e. not Applebee’s, Chile’s, or Outback…you just know Mora is a chain restaurant guy). That is a really long winded way of saying that I think he is a HUGE dork!

  • Finally, I don’t know about you, but I was down right giddy every time Reggie Bush touched the ball Sunday. The Reggie Bush era is going to be very fun.

  • One last point that has nothing to do with football. Maria Sharapova is now my favorite athlete. If you saw that outfit she wore in the U.S. Open Finals, you understand.