Monday, August 21, 2006


I have to tell you, it is very gratifying that so many of you have sent me emails today wondering where in the hell my new post is. I love the fact that so many of you have come to rely on new material from The WAD. That being said, it seems appropriate that I let you know that I will personally be taking a brief hiatus this week. Over the past 10 months, I have taken several days off, but never an extended period. Part of that is because I really do love writing this stuff, and part of that is because I've been afraid that if I took too long a break people would stop reading. Well, after slugging through the past several weeks of trying to come up with new material, and trying to simply hold serve until football season starts, I've decided that it's time to take the risk of a brief break. So, I'm going to take the week off to recharge my batteries and prepare for the oncoming football season. Not to worry, however, because I plan on using this week to do some research and prepare to write some detailed conference previews next week, as well as an NFL preview in the near future. Also, as should be clear by now, Fite has been given the keys, and he has full authority to post in my absence this week. Therefore, I trust that The WAD will remain active and entertaining this week without me. So, with that, I will step aside and leave things to Fite and the WAD Nation for the remainder of the week, and I'll be back strong with my first conference preview next Monday.