Thursday, August 10, 2006

Uninvited Guest

The WAD has made two critical mistakes:
1. Not posting on a day I'm bored at work.
2. Teaching me how to post last week.

This is an unauthorized posting, and a troubling sign of how far I'll go to entertain myself.

Today is a pretty slow day in sports, but there are a few things worth looking at. First, HBO is starting production on another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Second, Big Mo C has a decision to make: $5 mil or staying in the pokey.

I always wanted to see a statue of Hillary Clinton.

This one's for you, Colby.

Here's a little something for the Hawks fans.

Dwayne Jarrett is eligible to play ball this year. I'm interested to hear what people think about this. I have no problem with him paying reduced rent to leave in Leinart's apartment. For that matter, the older Leinart could have given Jarrett a car. I don't think the NCAA has any business telling a player's parents what they can and can't do for other players on the team. When Chrissy Simms was with the Longhorns, he had his receivers out to his parents' house in NJ over the summers to work on routes. I don't know who paid for the flights, or the hotel/food, and it doesn't matter. That's something that the parents should be able to do for their kids.

Have a nice day.