Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sooner Sadness

I'll be filling in for the WAD today and Friday while he's off at a deposition.

Over the past few weeks I've been getting more and more excited about football season. I've entered a fantasy league and read several Big XII previews. Then I got blindsided when OU's quarterback got dismissed from the team.

Maybe I'll have the energy to talk about it tomorrow, but not today. Today I feel like a guy out walking his dog enjoying life. Then the secret police came and beat my dog to death. Sometimes part of being a sports fan is learning how to bend over and take it. The worst part is living in Austin and watching local sportscasters blow their load over the news.

So, what does Fite do to cheer himself up (other than refer to himself in the third person)?

First, I get my daily dose of Flavor Flav.

Then I study the teachings of a wise man.

After getting my learn on I head to the bathroom.

Feeling refreshed, I take a moment to decide what I will have for lunch.

Every afternoon I take a moment for charity.

Sorry, my phone is ringing. I have to take this call.

Yesterday Vines made the comment that I would complain at a Hanukkah party. I would never complain so long as they provide a little entertainment. Jews definitely know how to party.
So, as for Vines, Er zol kakn mit blit un mit ayter. (Courtesy of

Much like the mysterious WAD, I'll be out of the office all day and away from the computer. Enjoy the links and I'll try to come up with something better tomorrow.