Friday, August 11, 2006

No WAD...No Problem

Looks like our trusty WAD wasn't able to post, I hate it when work gets in the way of his blogging.

It must be a slow day in sports when the Tour de Oxnard gets this much press. Today's USA Today quoted the "Idiot Kicker" as saying "I came...with the expectation I'm not going to judge T.O. until I've met him and gotten a feel for what kind of guy he is. Just because of what people say about him doesn't make it true....Until he screws up, I'm going to keep him on my good side." T.O. must be sleeping better knowing the kicker has his back.

In other football news, Jerome Bettis will be on NBC's NFL coverage this year. His first quote (again from today's USA TODAY): "I'm concerned about coach Cowher and his ability to stay focused. Is this a lame-duck year? He's the glue. If he's not motivated the same type of way, it will be difficult for this team to stay together." Wow. Way to call out the coach that got your fat ass a Super Bowl ring. The quote might be explained by the fact that, and no, I'm not kidding, Bettis said he was getting commentary advice from Steven A. Smith.

One last thought, I'd like everyone to know that Hasim Rahman and Oleg Maskaev are fighting for the WBC Heavyweight title on Saturday. It's being billed as "America's Last Line of Defense" because if Rahman loses then all heavyweight belts will be held by people from the former USSR (including the manimal Nikolay Valuev). Americans have typically dominated the heavyweight division, and a Rahman loss will lead to one of the few times an American hasn't held the belt.

Interestingly, Maskaev is a little pissed about the press about America v. Russia, as he became an American citizen two years ago.

Enjoy the weekend, I'll post intersting links as I find them.



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