Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Great Debate

Even though the name of this site is "The Atlanta WAD", one of the great things about The WAD is that we all live in so many different places, and we all went to so many different colleges. For example, on a regular basis, we have readers that graduated from the following colleges: Georgia Tech, UGA, UVA, LSU, Duke, Alabama, Oklahoma, UCLA, Michigan, UAB, Northwestern, Georgetown, and even Luther College. Well, Georgetown and Luther aren't exactly relevant to this week's debate, but I'm building up to a point. What point? Well, since we all have allegiances to so many different colleges with football programs at so many different levels, we represent a great sample of people to answer the following simple question:

If you could choose one current college football coach to take over and run your school's program, who would you choose?

That's it. Nothing complicated. Just imagine it's a perfect world and you can have whoever you want. Who would it be? Spurrier? Stoops? Weiss? Carroll? Richt? Bowden? Paterno? Tressel? Tuberville? Beamer? Or, would it be some up and comer like Karl Dorrell, Mike Stoops, Randy Edsall, Kurt Ferentz, or Urban Meyer? No rules, you can have anybody you want.

Let The Great Debate Begin!