Friday, August 04, 2006

Enter Paul Thompson

Q: Paul how long have you been a black quarterback?
A: ....

Last year I drove back to Norman to watch the first game of the year. The crowd was excited, we were highly ranked (for no good reason, most of us knew that) and optimistic that Stoops would have another good year. Then Paul Thompson took the field against TCU. Two fumbles and an interception later he got pulled in favor of Bomar, and we lost the game. Not quite the start we imagined from our multi-year backup. Thompson rode the pine the rest of the year, but now he has a chance for one shining moment.

I've got faith in Thompson's ability, and I think he has a good chance to be a successful qb like Jamele Holloway and Charles Thompson. I would be disappointed if his career turned out like OU's mid-90's "superfastqb." Some of you know who I'm talking about.

Q: So, Paul, are you and Charles Thompson brothers?
A: I'm not sure how to answer that. I guess I would say yes and no.

I think the real issue this year will be in the booth. Losing Chuck Long was huge, and I don't think people will really appreciate how good he was until about halfway through the season (gambler alert: keep an eye on San Diego State). With Bomar we were going to have a power running game that set up mid to deep passes. After what I saw against TCU, Thompson has no touch on the deep ball. He consistently misssed wide open receivers. How will the new staff react?

We can't give it to Peterson every play, defenses will stack the box and kill him. We also can't turn to an option offense, as Peterson is more effective with a deep set powering toward the line. I think, ultimately, we'll be forced to turn to a gimmick short game passing attack. Not quite to the degree we had when Mike Leach was calling our plays, but we're going to have to keep it short. In addition to Thompson's arm, we have to keep it short because our line sucks, and they can't protect a deep drop.

Nerd Alert: I spent all day yesterday at a continuing legal education class, and I will be doing the same today. There's not many worse ways to spend a day. The theme of this conference is "Future's so bright, I've got to wear shades." Between every presenter they play a short 1980's -90's song clip (such as Blame it on the Rain before a presentation on Katrina). Anyway, the whole day sucked.

After the last presentation, they said that we had a special performer. The dude from Timbuk3 comes on stage with his guitar and harmonica to play "Future's so bright..." We were told, I shit you not, that he flew down from Seattle to play this one song and we weren't even paying him, just covering expenses.

The crowd sat in stunned silence looking at this washed up loser. He then proceeded to tune his guitar and play with the amps for the next 10 MINUTES. By this time, everyone was about as uncomfortable as you can get. He transformed the song from a catchy upbeat tune into a Nirvana-esque slow drawl, punctuated with occassional high pitched screams. It was one of the worst things I've ever seen, and I loved every minute of it.