Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Television Tuesday

You know, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining about “Entourage” recently, and I myself have been guilty of a lot of second guessing. What seems to be lost in all the complaining, however, is that this show still undoubtedly contains the smartest and most entertaining dialogue on television. Week after week, some of the exchanges between these characters are down right genius. The genius is two fold. First, some of the dialogue between the boys is so authentic that you find yourself laughing because, at some point in the past (sometimes the recent past), you and your boys have had the exact same conversation. For instance, this week when Drama said, “you’re a sensitive man E…it’s kinda queer”, or when Turtle said, “let me get this straight, you wake up snuggling a girl you didn’t even get to f**k?” were classic lines that you KNOW you have uttered or had uttered at you in some point. Second, most of the dialogue that you haven’t actually engaged in consists of lines that you wished you had said! Even more than the genius of the dialogue, this is actually the genius of Ari. No less than three times an episode, Ari spouts off something that leaves you saying, “damn I wish I had thought of that when [fill in random occasion].” For proof, look no further than his opening line with Terrance this week, or his exchange with the ladies at the lunch table, or his taunting of Adam Davies in the street. Pure genius that you just pray you have the chance to actually replicate some day.

I guess the point of all the above rambling is simply to say that “Entourage” seems to be falling victim to its own success. We’ve come to look forward so much to each episode that our expectations are just too big. The simple fact is that you can only cover so much ground in thirty minutes. Therefore, we have to keep things in perspective. Sure, there are holes and problems. Sure, there are storylines that get too much play and others that don’t get enough. At the end of the day, however, the good far outweighs the bad. If nothing else, you get thirty minutes a week where you can sit back, have a few laughs, re-live some of the great comedic conversations of your life, and witness some of the conversations you only wished you’d had. All in all, that’s not so bad, is it?

Enough of the spirited defense, here’s the five pressing questions of the week:

1) What landmine is Ari going to have to dodge to collect that $11 million from Terrance? You know it’s not going to be this easy. You just know it. The lawyer in me says Ari’s all good, and its too late for Terrance to back out, but something tells me they don’t have any lawyers on the writing staff! And, you know, that’s definitely not a bad thing.

2) Who had the better cameo? Julie Cooper or Andy from “Dawson’s Creek”? I’ve got to say that Andy had a much more compelling performance. I mean, she did show some remarkable skills in the coat room!

3) Who does E think he is? Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of every man getting everything he can out of life, but shouldn’t this guy just be happy with what he’s got? Is it just me or does E strike you as the kind of guy who would split 10’s at the Blackjack table? Somebody needs to knock some sense into him for his own good.

4) Does anybody play an annoying twit better than Seth Green? Actually, when he shared the screen with E, you may have witnessed a piece of history: the two most annoying twits on television sharing the same scene. It certainly wasn’t the same as DeNiro and Pacino in the diner in “Heat”, but it was something.

5) What’s up with Saigon’s deal? Admittedly, the Saigon storyline has been a major source of frustration this year. I thought we had finally remedied the situation two weeks ago, but just as soon as we took one step forward we’ve taken two steps back! I, of course, just spent 500 words defending this season, but even I have to admit that the lack of Saigon is an unforgivable mistake by the writers. Am I supposed to believe that one day Ari is promising deals from Interscope, and then Turtle is content to just sit back and wait quietly for something to happen? You KNOW that Turtle would be hounding Ari to the point that Ari would have to change his cell phone number. This problem needs to be fixed in a hurry.

So, where does this week’s episode rank on the “how much I hate my life” meter? A solid 8. Nothing really made me just question my very existence, but Ari taking $11 million from Terrance, and then getting reacquainted with Mrs. Ari shortly thereafter certainly was cause for reflection on the current state of my life. In short, I was severely depressed, but not totally distraught. Not bad.