Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Musings?....Why Not?

Believe it or not, I'm still slammed at work. I don't know what is going on? Don't these people know I have a blog to run? I guess not. Regardless, I figured I would take just a very few minutes and offer up this mid-week version of the Musings:

  • My buddy Dave emailed me yesterday in the wake of all the Clemens news and asked, "do you hate Clemens more than Bonds?" Great question. Important question. It's a question we should all consider. For me, the answer is a resounding NO. Don't get me wrong, I hate Clemens. I, however, detest Bonds. What's the difference between Bonds and Clemens? Well, I think Clemens is an incredibly selfish, arrogant, and greedy man. I think, on the other hand, that Bonds is pure evil.

  • The Pistons won an elimination game at home? You are kidding? You don't say? Seriously, why are so many people in the media acting like this was the most shocking result since The Miracle on Ice? And, why are so many people in the media acting like this now gives the Pistons a chance to win this series? They are done. Heat in 6. CAN YOU DIG IT?

  • The Cable is out at home for no apparent good reason. So, we of course, call and try to set up a repair appointment, and they tell us the first available time is Friday! So, let me get this straight. I live smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest and busiest cities in this country, and you can't find one single repair guy in this whole damned city to stop by my house? Unbelievable. Put Comcast right up there with Bonds and Clemens.

An Iraq veteran having to sue Michael Moore because he used snippets of an interview without the soldiers permision to mis-portray him in that piece of garbage movie Moore made. If this guy needs a lawyer, I'll work for him for free in my spare time. Moore is a disgrace, and a little suffering would do him good. And yes, add him to the list with Bonds, Clemens, and Comcast.

  • Anybody notice any angry vibe coming out today? I swear I'm not intending it!

  • My buddy Colby just sent me an email celebrating the fact that Sean Taylor of the Skins avoided jail time on his federal gun charges. I, along with Colby, am relieved at this result. While not a Redskins fan, I for one, don't want to live in a country where a man is not allowed to pull a gun on somebody that steals his rims! I mean, if we don't have our rims, what do we have?

  • The Braves bullpen managed not to blow a 7 run lead yesterday. And yes, I won't even say any more and you can go ahead and put Chris Reitsma on the list with Bonds, Clemens, Comcast, and Michael Moore. All this anger coupled with two cups of coffee and a sugar free Red Bull are going to make it tough to get through the morning without a coronary!

  • Does anybody think that Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas looks like a dude? My buddy's fiance' made that comment the other day, and he agreed. Well, I've always thought she was smoking hot, so I went back and looked at some pictures to see if I was missing something. After my investigation, I'm sticking by my assessment that she a) does not look like a dude; and 2) Is smoking hot. Let me know if I'm off base here.

Have a good day. I'll try to do better tomorrow.