Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Musings

It was a busy weekend in sports and for The WAD. A little bit of work mixed in with the impending move off the sun porch equaled a pretty full weekend (i.e. only time for one nap this weekend!). At any rate, here's what's on my mind to start the week:

  • Roger Clemens struck out 12 batters in Double A this weekend. For the money he's making shouldn't he be striking out every body in the minors? Sorry, that's two more sentences than I ever planned on writing about Clemens. Moving on...

  • Big ups to the Baseball Jackets as they advanced to Omaha and the College World Series. When the two biggest sporting events in your life at the present moment are The World Cup and College Baseball, it becomes painfully clear how badly you need September and college football to hurry up and get here!

  • The NBA Finals, of course, should be the biggest sporting event in my life right now, but unless they defrost Shaq from his cyrogenic freeze this thing is going to be over before you know it. I'm already getting prepared for the trophy presentation. It's going to be fantastic!

  • Speaking of the World Cup, I've got to admit that the performance by Trinidad and Tobago's goalie on Saturday was amazing. Yes, I actually sat and watched the entire matchup between Sweeden and T&T, and I was captivated. This guy wasn't even supposed to start, and he ended up saving the game on multiple ocassions. Honestly, a few of his saves brought me out of my seat. And, to top it all off, he's got one of the best names in sports, Shaka Hislop! Let's Go Shaka....

  • Looks like Vijay is bringing his game into form just in time for the U.S. Open. He beat an impressive field yesterday at the Barclay's, and he only has to go about two stops on the Metro North to Winged Foot. Before you go putting all your savings on Vijay, however, just remember that no one has ever won the week before the U.S. Open and gone on to win the Open. Oh, and have I mentioned that next Sunday is Fathers' Day? Take that for whatever it's worth.

  • Rafael Nadal took out Federer in four sets to win his 217th straight clay court match. Okay, so that's an exaggeration, but he's won a lot. So, this begs the question: How can you be so good on one surface and not worth a crap on others? The bottome line is that it's very nice for Nadal to win French Opens, but if he wants to be considered a great player, he might want to consider doing something on the grass or the hard courts. Otherwise, he'll be nothing more than the Adam Dunn of tennis. A real one trick pony.

  • Shocking news out the North side of Chicago: Kerry Wood is back on the DL! I don't even have a joke.

  • Last night was the big season premier of "Entourage". I won't say too much, because I plan on saying more tomorrow, but man it's good to have Vince, the boys, and Ari back in our lives. Now, we can be reminded once a week how un-cool our lives really are. Very exciting.

  • It's the middle of June, and the Braves are 10 games back. Excuse me while I go attempt to flush my head down the toilet bowl full of turds. Seriously, I'm about to lose my mind over this. I used to think it was just the bullpen, but now I'm convinced that we just flat out suck as a baseball team. How's that for insightful commentary? Jim Mora, Sr. would be proud.

  • Finally, congratulations to all those inducted Friday night into the Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame. And, of course, a special congratulations to Coach Cremins. It was an awesome night filled with lots of familiar faces, lots of great stories, over priced drinks, and rubbery chicken. The most memorable and horrifying moment of the night came when Evander Holyfield assured the crowd that he was going to win the Heavyweight Championship for a fifth time. Well, at least I think that's what he said, he was kind of tough to understand. Everybody in the room just kind of looked at each other with a terrified blank stare. Well, almost everybody. His children, seated at tables 12, 13, 14, and 15 all erupted in applause. It was nice to see a supportive family! Okay, so I made that up, but it could have happened. It reall could have.