Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mid Morning Musings

I had fully intended to have a column giving a detailed breakdown of the seasn finale of "The Sopranos" and some keen insights into the NBA Finals, but well...yea, I still haven't seen "The Sopranos" or read or watched a single thing about the Finals. Let's just say that the only way to recover from 6 days of researching, writing, revising, and ultimately filing summary judgment motions is to drink some cold beers and eat some Mexican food. By the time I was done with work yesterday, my brain was functioning at the same level as a UGA grad, so I needed to re-charge. (Kidding of course - no need to send me death threats on the work email!). So, The Sopranos and the Dirk vs. Shaq Showdown (or Cuban vs. Stern, depending on how you look at it) will have to wait for tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a few things that are on my mind this beautiful summer morning in the ATL:

  • Is there a bigger Heat fan than David Stern. I mean, is there any doubt that Dick Bavetta will be reffing all 7 games with express instructions to blow the whistle any time Jerry Stackhouse or Josh Howard looks at D. Wade. It should be fun!

  • Has anybody seen Kobe the past few days? Seriously, somebody should check on him.

  • So, down 1 run in the ninth inning, with the tying run on base, and Chipper and Andruw both take walks? What? Listen, I don't care if he's throwing strikes, one of these two guys has to swing the bat. Some walks aren't good walks. I'd rather have Chipper trying to make something happen with a ball off the plate than putting the game in Adam LaRoche's hands. I'm sorry, it's not a knock on LaRoche. It's just the way it is.

  • Let me get this straight. Brad and Angelina are auctioning off the right for to take the first published picture of their daughter? In the words of Chris Rock, "you have one job as a the father of a daughter...keep her off the pole." Well Brad, you aren't exactly off to a roaring start.

  • Have you seen pictures of Nick Lachey's latest girlfriend? WOW! This guy is unbelievable. She's the daughter of Robert Kardashian (yes, that's right, O.J.'s old lawyer), and she's outrageously hot. I don't really know what else to say. Except that I would trade lives with this guy in a heartbeat. In fact, I might have a little bit of a man crush on him.